Campus Assault Response and Education Team



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What is CARE?

Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to creating and maintaining an educational community where all individuals who participate University programs and activities can work and  learn together in an atmosphere free of sexual misconduct. To assure the campus community is  educated and appropriate resources are readily available, Southeastern has created a Campus  Sexual Assault and Response and Education Team (CARE).

CARE is comprised of faculty, students, and staff from across campus. The team is one part "education" and one part "response". We develop programs, services, and campaigns to educate students about sexual assault, consent, and healthy relationships with the ultimate goal  of preventing sexual violence. In addition to educating the student body, we provide campus  wide education for faculty and staff to ensure we are in compliance with all federal mandates.

Responsible Employee Guide

Committee Members

  • V. Gene Pregeant, Title IX Officer
  • Dr. Gabe Willis, Deputy Title IX Officer
  • Antoinette Alack M.S., Assistant Director of Student Advocacy and Accountability, LINK, CARE Chair
  • Annette Newton-Baldwin LPC, LMFT
    Assistant Director of Outreach for the University Counseling Center
  • Andrea Peevy ANP-BC, Director
    University Health Center
  • Kayla Noll, University Health Center
  • Justin Bice, Athletics Compliance
  • Dr. Lee E. Lind, Director, Student Publications
  • Jennifer Whisenhunt, MA, MEd, LPC, NCC
    Academic Advisor
    Center for Student Excellence
  • Curtis Meyers, Jr., LPC, NCC, CCTP-Level I
  • Assistant Director, Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability
    Mental Health Counselor, University Counseling Center
  • Carrie Edwards, M.A., Coordinator, Health Sciences Program, Kinesiology and Health Studies
  • Seth Thomas, Director, Recreational Sports and Wellness

Student Members

  • Chaise Gilbert, CARE Co-Chair, Graduate Assistant for Student Advocacy and Accountability
  • Alexia Fisher, Graduate Assistant for University Health Center 
  • Shannan McDaniel
  • Kevin Page