Research Opportunities in Mathematics


2013 New Honors Distinction

Honors Research Scholars

This program is designed to recognize students who excel in undergraduate research. After successfully completing their research, Honors Research Scholars will receive a notation on their transcript and recognition at graduation. Interested students should contact Dr. Neuerburg .

More information and application materials are available online at the Honors College website.



Students interested in competing at an upcoming sectional meeting of the Mathematics Association of America should contact Dr. Dennis Merino.


Student Research Projects

Some of the research projects students have engaged in over the years include:

Fall 2009

John Howell
Covered Groups and Finite Fields
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Alan Cannon and Dr. Kent Neuerburg


Spring 2008

Veronica Wills
A Study of the Solutions to the Family of Differential Equations f'(x) = 1/[f(f( f(x)))]
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randall Wills
First Place, Undergraduate Papers, 85th Annual Meeting of the LA/MS Section of the MMA, Spring 2009 


Spring 2007

Matt Arbo
Centers and Generalized Centers of Nearrings of Polynomials
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Alan Cannon
Honors Senior Thesis

Matt Arbo
Solutions to the Fermat-like Equations fn + gn = hn in the Space of Linear Functions
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randall Wills
Second Place, Undergraduate Papers, 84th Annual Meeting of the LA/MS Section of the MAA, Spring 2007


Spring 2006

Robbie Beyl
Solving Recurrence Relations Using Differential Equations
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Dennis Merino