boat dock at galva canalDocked at Turtle Cove's Galva Canal Boat Shed in Manchac (Akers, LA)--see picture to left-- is a substantial and ever growing selection of boats, suitable for almost any research or educational endeavor that can be undertaken from the research station. The selection ranges from 10' pirogues that are best considered one-person vessels (if you wish to stay dry), to a variety of lake skiffs ranging from 18' to 23' in length, all the way up to a 40' pontoon boat that can transport an entire class of 30 students and gear.


reserve boatReserve a Turtle Cove Boat


Many research projects require the use of mud boats to get through the narrow, shallow, and stump-ridden logging ditches that criss-cross the entire region. These remnants of by gone logging operations are a detriment to the area's ecology because they have dramatically changed the hydrology of the swamps and marshes. On the other hand, they allow access deep into many otherwise inaccessible areas.


To simply enjoy the quiet and solitude of these beautiful wetlands, or to access even more narrow waterways, canoes and paddlesthere is nothing better than one of Turtle Cove's canoes. A canoe offers an easy way to get close to wildlife and explore the many changing faces of a Louisiana wetland. There are 8 canoes in the barn behind Turtle Cove, and 10 canoes on a trailer (usually stored at either the Galva Boat Shed in Manchac or in the Sustainability Center on campus)---the canoe trailer can be used to bring canoes to a variety of places around the basin.


Various larger boats are suitable for traversing open bodies of water, carrying larger amounts of gear, or transporting several students at one time. And several aluminum flatboats can be used for small canals/bayou work, either with or without an outboard engine attached.


Boats at Galva Canal Boat Shed

  • Two 16' Turtle Cove Go-Devils (2-3 person capacity)

  • 17' White Boat ( Egret) (3-5 person capacity)

  • 18' Brown Boat ( Hawk) (2-3 person capacity)

  • 21' Blue Boat ( Osprey) (6-8 person capacity)

  • 23' Green Boat ( Maurepas) (6-8 person capacity)

  • 40' Pontoon Boat ( Pelican) (3-35 peron capacity including Captain)�(Request through Rob Moreau,


Boats at West Lake Maurepas Dock

  • 16' Honda Go-Devil (at Hort Center, for use on W. Lake Maurepas w/ Shafe) (2-3 person capacity)

  • 18' Gray Boat ( Rangia) (3-4 person capacity)





  • 10 Canoes/pirogues on canoe trailer at Galva Canal Parking Lot

  • 2 Flat Boats at Galva Canal Parking Lot

  • 10 Canoes/pirogues at Turtle Cove Barn



Boats at Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum


  • None at this time

Not in Water/Off-Site Storage

  • 14' Bird Boat w/ 20-hp Honda (at Sustainability Center)

  • 16' Flat Back Canoe w/ 2-hp Honda 4-stroke (at Wilson Hall-Cooler)

  • 21' Red Boat (Red Wing) on trailer at Sustainability Center