Classrooms & Lab Space

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Turtle Cove's Main Facility

At the newly renovated Turtle Cove, the ground level wet-lab space is spacious and has some basic equipment that can be used (tables, nets, aquariums, potable and non-potable water, drying oven, microscopes, collection jars, and other similar laboratory equipment).


NOTE: Researchers and educators should bring any specialized equipment they need to conduct their work.



This area also includes 20+ chairs and a drop down screen and power-point machine (stored upstairs) that can be used for classroom instruction.wetlab


The wet-lab setup at the research station includes aquaria, a natural water plumbing system, a plant dryer, and various field collection equipment. Chemicals, collection jars, dissection instruments, and other laboratory equipment are easily accessible for both the classroom and lab facilities.


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Galva Canal Classroom

The upstairs classroom at the Boat Shed at Galva Canal is equipped with wi-fi/satellite internet service, an LCD projector/screen and computer, and conference room tables and chairs (and a small couch) for a max of about 20 people. The location, just off of I-55 near the Manchac exit, makes this classroom ideal for presentations or discussions before and after field trips or marsh experiments conducted by boat in Pass Manchac, Lake Maurepas, or Lake Pontchartrain.



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