Teaching Online at Southeastern: Teaching by a New Code

The Online credential (blue badge) awarded by the Teaching Online at Southeastern course satisfies the faculty certification requirement outlined in the Distance Education Policy.
Do you want to improve your ability to effectively reach students and convey course content when teaching remotely?  This extensive course, which is housed in Moodle, guides you in understanding and implementing the best skills and practices for teaching in the online environment. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Engage learners in a digital learning environment using best practices
  2. Create a completely aligned course to measure learner success
  3. Create engaging content that is accessible for all learners
Based upon the format of your class, you may select one or more of three pathways to earn the credential that's right for you.  Or, you may decide to complete all three pathways and earn four credentials:

badge onlinebadge virtualbadge onlinevirtual badge

This model course offers an interactive, hands-on approach to convey the critical elements of course design and implementation.  Upon completion, you will be better equipped to provide a quality online learning experience for your students.
The pathways outlined below will help you decide which of the learning modules are most beneficial for you.  Each path leads to a credential that is automatically awarded upon completion.  

path to credentialsyour path to credential