Textbook Rental

Spring 2022 rental books are due by 6pm Monday, May 16th with no fine.

Final due date is 12:30pm Friday, May 20th.

Drop box is available after hours and on weekends.  Checked in next business day.

Hours of Operation

May 9 - 13 7am - 6pm

May 16  7am - 6pm

May 17 - 19 7am - 5:30pm

May 20 - 7am - 12:30pm


Our mission is to provide quality service to Southeastern Louisiana University students by providing their basic textbooks through the rental program, while maintaining the highest degree of student service consciousness.

At Southeastern, students RENT their textbooks instead of having to buy them!  Textbook Rental provides Southeastern students an economical alternative to purchasing textbooks. You can expect to save hundreds of dollars each semester on textbook costs alone! 

The current rental fee for a course which has a rental book is $50 regardless of the number of textbooks required for a course. Some courses do require the purchase of supplemental workbooks or manuals which are sold at the University Bookstore located in the Student Union. Students interested in building a professional library do have the option of purchasing their rental textbooks.

Books that are not included in the Textbook Rental System are available for purchase from the University Bookstore. (Purchases can be made online using the same link).