Communication Points

Going a step deeper into the things we want to communicate, we've built communication points.

The backbone of what we communicate can be built on the following five pillars. Based on extensive researching and validation testing, these five concepts are true to who we are. These are the ideas that you should try to communicate when speaking about Southeastern. The first two are the primary messages.

  1. The Core Message: WE CARE, YOU SUCCEED

    A student matters here and here the cliché is true - you are a student, a name, a person - not a number. Students have the tools and help necessary to discover their own potential. In our nurturing environment, they develop confidence and self-knowledge - the foundations of future success.


    Our goal is always excellence. We take the concept of learning a step further – we dig in and give students the opportunity to experience learning in the most meaningful way - by doing. With a focus on experiential opportunities students get their hands dirty practicing what they will do once they graduate.

  3. The "Go The Extra Mile" Message: WE ARE YOUR UNASSUMING HERO

    We get things done. Think of us as an unassuming hero – your average person that does not need the spotlight or accolades, but who does the hard work of heroics. We go the extra mile for our students – we do the work of heroes and ask only to do more.

  4. The "Large In Offerings, Small In Feel" Message: WE ARE BIG ABOUT OUR SMALLNESS

    While Southeastern is the third largest university in Louisiana, it has a remarkably small feel through a close knit community of engaged learners. It's that kind of place. Students experience a robust campus life and have all the benefits of a large university with the closeness and personal attention of a smaller one.

  5. The Welcoming Message: WE ARE ABOUT ACCESS

    We are all inclusive and all welcoming. From someone who requires special attention to meet the challenge, to the student that scored in the 30s on her ACT and had a 4.0 in high school, they both experience a strong academic program that propels them forward. Southeastern is one of the most affordable universities in the state and offers very aggressive scholarship packages to ensure students can afford college. Traditional students, first generation students, transfer students, adult students, veterans and non-credit students will all find their place here.