Elevator Speech

An "elevator speech" is what you can say between a few floors of an elevator ride if someone asked about Southeastern.  It is simply a succinct paragraph that tries to boil down the entirety of the brand and communication points to a short speech.  While you certainly don't have to memorize it, it is important to be familiar with it ... and memorizing it is okay.

The Speech

"First and foremost, Southeastern cares about its students and goes the extra mile for them. A Southeastern degree will stand second to no one, and the college experience here will meet the diverse needs of a large population with a small-town community feel. Employers know that our graduates are prepared to succeed. National level academics that focus on real-life experiences propel students from all places, backgrounds and abilities to bright futures that they can take hold of with the skills necessary for lifelong success. Southeastern cares and its students succeed."