Extreme Weather and Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30. In the event that a hurricane threatens southeast Louisiana, Southeastern will initiate procedures to ensure the safety of its students and employees. This may include closure and evacuation of the campus and opening of a secure shelter for those who are unable to leave the campus. However, please remember that Southeastern is not a public hurricane shelter, and facilities will not be open to the public during an evacuation.

When to Evacuate

Plans to evacuate the campus begin as early as possible when the region falls under a hurricane warning. If the storm appears to threaten the immediate region, the campus may be closed. If closure and evacuation are ordered, students will be notified through the news media, university website, emergency alert system and announcements by faculty, University Housing and Office of Student Affairs personnel. Students will not be allowed to stay in campus residential facilities, and the university shelter will be reserved primarily for residential students who are unable to evacuate. Students living off campus are strongly encouraged to comply with an evacuation order, as well.

Evacuation Procedures

Once notified of a possible hurricane threat, the following procedures should be followed by students residing in on-campus residence halls or off-campus apartments.

  • Check your email and the Southeastern website regularly for updates on the university's status.
  • Begin to make plans to proceed to your home or intended destination.
  • Review travel routes to your home or intended destination.
  • Listen to a Louisiana Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio station or area television stations for information regarding the weather situation and more routes.
  • Fill the gas tank in your vehicle and check all other fluids, belts and tires.
  • Pack items to take with you, such as changes of clothes, personal hygiene items, laptop, mobile phone, textbooks, medications and drinking water. Take with you a battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries. Do not leave credit cards, cash or other valuables in the residence hall.

Shelter Information

Students and employees who are unable to leave campus will receive evacuation shelter procedures. Students who are evacuating should inform a neighbor, friend or family member of the address and telephone number of their intended destination. Contact a University Housing staff member or the University Police Department (985-549-2222) if you have any questions.

Weather Information

Emergency weather information will be available on most radio stations, local television stations or the Weather Channel. Louisiana Emergency Alert System radio stations include:

  • New Orleans: WWL (870 AM) and WLMG (101.9 FM)
  • Baton Rouge: WJBO (1150 AM) and WFMF (102.5 FM)


Southeastern's public radio station, KSLU (90.9 FM), and the Southeastern Channel (Charter Communications Channel 18) will broadcast emergency information as well as updates on the status of the university.