About the Program

Congratulations!  You are now a college student with almost an infinite number of career choices awaiting you. General Studies provides you with specialized degree programs, personalized attention, and stimulating courses to help you learn success and focus on the career you wish to pursue. Our dedicated faculty and staff offer you a place to ask questions and get help with the myriad decisions you need to make about your future.

College life can be exciting and challenging and will ultimately lead to the greatest challenge of all--the rest of your life! We want you to know we are here for you; you ARE our future!

The General Studies Program offers a Bachelor of General Studies degree. The academic advising program promotes student retention through personal contact between students and faculty. 

For students still deciding on a major, General Studies offers Career Planning 104, a three-hour credit course which helps students explore personal values and viable career options. This course is taught by licensed career counselors.