The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences oversees programs that enhance students' intellectual and cultural worlds, providing them with resources to live fuller and richer lives. Our students are taught to be flexible and disciplined thinkers who can approach life situations from multiple perspectives and solve problems in diverse situations that span their work, personal and civic lives.


College Highlights

  • Major provider of courses in the university's general education curriculum
  • Students work closely with faculty on research projects and scholarly and creative activities
  • Students are nationally competitive when applying for graduate programs, prestigious awards and recognition, and career opportunities


Our College Offers


Degree programs in Arts, Humanities,
and Social Sciences

Dr. Karen Fontenot

Message from the Dean

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to providing students with an intellectually stimulating and challenging experience in the classroom, research lab, art studio, music hall and stage. Our faculty are dedicated to engaging students in their disciplines, developing their intellect and creativity and providing educational opportunities to increase their future success.

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College Dean, Dr. Karen Fontenot;