SARTE Committee


(Selective Admission and Retention in Teacher Education Committee)

"The Teaching profession is highly demanding and remarkably complex. A person desiring to become a teacher must maintain academic standards and demonstrate qualifications for successful teaching including satisfactory performance in field experiences. Therefore, the College of Education at Southeastern reserves the right to recruit, admit, and retain in the professional program in Teacher Education only those students who show evidence of being capable of performing in an acceptable manner."


Information Procedures for Initial Certification Candidates


  1. SARTE Procedures are found in the College of Education section of the Southeastern Catalog and have been approved by the University Attorney.

  2. The SARTE Committee is appointed by the Dean of the College of Education. The committee has representatives from each of the colleges in which we have approved teacher education programs.

  3. Students must meet all requirements for exit from Basic College and be majoring in an approved teacher education program to apply for admission to the Professional Program in Teacher Education.

  4. Students in the College of Education or other colleges that have approved teacher education programs will make application in EDUC 203. Transfer students that have received credit for EDUC 203 must apply four months prior to the semester they wish to enroll in any following EDUC course.

  5. Admission Decisions: SARTE selectively admits candidates (students) into the teacher education program and places them into one of three categories each semester: FULL, PROVISIONAL, and INELIGIBLE. Full admission requires passing PRAXIS I scores anda 2.5 Cumulative GPA. Provisional admission requires a 2.5 GPA, but the student is deficient in one or more additional items. Provisional students may only schedule EPSY coursesand they must obtain FULL SARTE status to enroll in the remaining professional education courses.

  6. The SARTE Committee Chairman signs off in behalf of the committee on these admission decisions based upon quantifiable data.

  7. Retention Decisions: Students who demonstrate behaviors or characteristics that make it questionable whether they can succeed in the teaching profession will be referred for a Professional Improvement Review through the Teacher Development Program. A review may result in:

    • No action being taken but further observation.

    • Recommendation of a Professional Improvement Plan monitored by the Coordinator of the Teacher Development Program.

    • Referral to SARTE. 

SARTE Hearing: Referral to SARTE may recommend the following actions:

    • Probation with specified conditions.

    • Temporary suspension from the Teacher Education Program.

    • Expulsion from the Teacher Education Program.

Appeal Procedures: Students who wish to appeal decisions of the SARTE Committee may do so in writing to the Dean of the College of Education.