How Can We Help You?

How do I know who my advisor is?

Current students check with the department office for your major or contact the following advisers:

Undergraduate teacher education students should contact Ms. Berry:

Graduate students in Teaching and Learning should contact Dr. Zimlich:

Master’s students in Educational Leadership should contact Dr. Wicker:

Doctoral students in Education Leadership can contact Dr. Stedrak:


I am a transfer student. How can I be advised for classes?

Incoming transfer students are advised through the departments. See below for departmental phone numbers.


How do I get involved in a student organization?

You can find information about out them on our Student Organizations page.


How do I find out about Field Experiences, Student Teaching, and Residencies?

You can find this information on our Student Success page.


What are the requirements for teacher certification (GPA, Praxis ® exams, etc.)?

You can find this information on our Student Success page.


What if I disagree with the grade I receive in a class?

Please contact your department to appeal a grade. 


What if I have other questions?

Office phone numbers:

Department of Teaching & Learning, 985-549-2221

Department of Educational Leadership & Technology, 985-549-5713

Teacher Development Center, 985-549-5246 or

Dean’s Office, 985-549-2217