How Can We Help You?

What kind of jobs can you get with a degree from this College?

The easier question to ask would be what kind of job’s can’t you get, because STEM disciplines are in pretty much every line of work nowadays. Our graduates go on to careers in Health Care (doctor, veterinarian, dentist), Technology, Environmental Science, Logistics, Computing, Engineering, Modeling, and Teaching, just to name a few. Many of our students go on to graduate school to pursue an advanced degree. Talk with the faculty and the advisors to learn more about the wide variety of opportunities in Science and Technology.


I hear about graduate students doing research, but what about undergraduates?

One thing that our college prides itself on is our commitment to student-centered research, both at the graduate and undergraduate level, so many faculty actively involve undergraduate students with their research, and this involvement can lead to presentations at conferences, as well as authorship of peer-reviews publication.


What kind of job opportunities are there while I am a student

Nearly all of the degree programs allow students to participate in an Internship that will count for degree credit. The best part is that most of the Internships are paid – typically $15/hour. So, not only are you gaining valuable work experience (which often turns into full time employment after graduation), you are helping to pay for your education.


What should I focus on in high school if I want to major in this college?

Simple answer: you can never have enough math, and this is true for all of our majors. Yes, some are more math-intensive than others, but they all require a strong foundation in math and you will use that math throughout your time here. Also, be prepared to work hard. Our majors are rewarding, but challenging – and that is why our graduates are so successful.


I am having a rough time in one of my classes. What should I do?

First of all, you are not alone – plenty of students run into roadblocks with STEM coursework. The best thing you can do is to ask for help from either your professor, your department head, or even come by this office and we can give you some advice. Just don’t give up. Part of getting a degree is knowing how to cope with difficulties, so take advantage of all of our support that we offer.