Academic Advising

The Department of Biological Sciences is responsible for advising all Biology and Horticulture majors as well as students in the pre-professional programs (pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, pre-optometry, etc) and in addition students in the Biology Education programs. Students in the pre-pharmacy program have the option of being advised by Biological Sciences or Chemistry and Physics.

All students must be advised each semester to have the registration hold removed. If a student does not yet have an assigned advisor they can come to the Biology office or call 985-549-3740 to be assigned a faculty advisor in their concentration or area of interest.

Appointments can be scheduled in person or the student can use the on-line advising system. However, Freshmen that are not advised by the Center for Student Excellence have to see their faculty advisor at least once in person to get to know them.


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On-line Advising System

Log into LeoNet for Students, then use Self-Service, then Student Services, then On-Line advising.

You MUST list your assigned advisor in the space provided.

If you list any courses that are not directly in your curriculum, please explain why in the student comment box. Otherwise there is a chance your advisor will not approve your request. Use the comment box to ask questions also. Check your catalog to make sure you have met the prerequisites to take the classes you list.

You have to give the advisor a couple of days to respond. So, do not try to use this system the day before your registration date. The system is not yet set up to let the advisor know that you have used it (we hope they will add that feature in the future) so right now the advisors have to remember to go in and check to see if anyone is waiting. Some advisors check more often than others. You may want to email your advisor and let them know that you have used the system so they will know to go in and check.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your advising block is NOT removed until YOU go back in and read what the advisor has said. The advisor cannot remove the block. All they can do is approve your schedule. You have to remove the block by reentering the system.

If your advisor disapproves what you listed then you will have to see your advisor in person because you are only allowed to use the system once and can't make changes once you submit.

Once your block is removed you still cannot register until your appointment time (set by Enrollment Services).