Pre-Professional Students

A minimum overall GPA of 3.5 is required to be evaluated by the MEC and a science GPA of 3.7 or higher is recommended. In past years the average GPA of students accepted into LSU Medical School was 3.8.

2024 Covid-19 Policy

In order to comply with the ongoing Covid-19 social distancing recommendations, the MEC will adhere to the modified evaluation process.

This includes:

  • No paper applications.
    Please submit all documents and forms via email.

  • No face-to-face interviews.
    We will schedule Google Meet sessions for individual and committee interviews.

Please watch this space for additional updates.
Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home!

Applying for Medical or Pre-professional Schools 

  • Make a folder to keep all your papers in order and in good condition.
  • Type your information
  • Make copies of all application materials before mailing them in case it is needed 
  • Notify those who are writing references for you at least one month ahead of time
  • Most Medical Schools want a recommendation letter from an institutional committee
  • If your overall GPA is 3.5 or higher and you want to be evaluated by Southeastern's Medical School Evaluation Committee (MEC) click on the big link to the "Application Materials" below. If your GPA is below this threshold make an appointment with the Pre-Medical Advisor to find out what you can do.
  • Be aware of deadlines especially the online "Notice of Intent" 

For any questions or concerns, feel free to ask the Delta Omega Alpha officers or the Pre-Medical Advisor


Application Materials


Important 2024 Deadlines

1st week in May Submit online Notice of Intent
The 2024 deadline is Friday, May 3.
The week after finals week in May (Deadline: Friday, May 17 2024) Email your complete application packet to the pre-medical advisor  by 12:00 NOON
Late May Application packets are distributed to MEC committee members for review
Early June Individual one-on-one interviews
Mid June Interview with the full MEC committee
Late July Committee letters are written and ready for review by applicants
August 1st Letters are submitted to Medical Schools



Resources for Pre-professional Students

Some general information for pre-professional students

A suggested curriculum for pre-professional students

A self-assessment form  (copyright: University of Utah 2009-2010)
Personality Check: non-cognitive variables (high score = desirable personality traits)
AMCAS Instructions 2013


AAMC (medical)

General Information


MCAT Topics

2015 MCAT changes


ADEA (dental)

General Information


DAT Instructions 2019

DAT Information


Scholarships For Pre-Professional Students

William F. Sherman Memorial Scholarship (for seniors with financial need)

Nancy Kathryn O'Neil Memorial Scholarship (for students from the Northshore)

Brandon Buras Memorial Scholarship (for Southeastern seniors applying to medical school)

Major Kenneth E. Dyson Award (for Southeastern seniors or graduates accepted into medical or dental school)


Other Useful Links


List of Medical Schools Participating in AMCAS

The University of Queensland / Ochsner Medical School (Admissions)

Links to schools in the Caribbean