Industry Connect Courses

Participating in our Industry Connect Courses allows your company to partner with the Department of Computer Science as an extension of your organization by tapping into Southeastern’s students and for project support/assistance.  Here’s an overview of our IC Courses:

CMPS 285 - Software Engineering I

Introduction to the methods used for specifying, designing, implementing, and testing medium and large-scale software systems; methods for organizing and managing software development projects; professionalism and ethical responsibilities in software development.

CMS 383 - Information Systems

A study of file organization and management, analysis of the concept of information systems, approaches and techniques for evaluating information systems. Fourth generation languages will be explored.

CMPS 411 - Capstone I

Through participation in a major capstone project, this course presents a formal approach to the top-down design, development, and maintenance of software systems. Topics include organization and management of software projects, security, programmer teams, validation and verification.