Distinguished Lecturer Series


Calvin FabreCalvin Fabre

Calvin Fabre is the founder and President of Envoc (pronounced: "invoke"), a 25-person radically creative software development and hosting company in Baton Rouge and Hammond. He is also co-founder of LA Wallet, the first legal digital driver's license app in the United States. 

Calvin graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in Computer Science and did graduate work studying world religions, philosophy, and apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina. He enjoys math problems, word problems, moral dilemmas, and is currently 90-days clean of political social media engagement. His public speaking gigs include Louisiana schools, universities, and church youth groups where he speaks on technology, digital identity, company culture, and theology.  Envoc has made the Best Places to Work in Baton Rouge list for seven years in a row. Calvin has no exit strategy from his current position in technology, because after all: Why would he quit doing what he loves?

Jacquelyn F Morie

Dr.  Jacquelyn F Morie


With degrees in both art and computer science, Dr. Morie has 25 years experience in developing innovative techniques for rich, emotionally evocative virtual reality (VR) environments. As part of this pioneering work, she invented a scent collar to bring the emotional power of smell to immersive experiences, and developed new types of functions for VR, such as connections to multiple sensors and feedback systems to make VR more effective. Dr. Morie spent 13 years as a Sr. Research Scientist at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), which she helped found. While there, she created novel VR telehealth care activities using her deep understanding of art, computer animation and human behavior to enhance patient engagement with these programs.

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Morie started comprehensive computer animation training programs at Walt Disney Feature Animation combining art and technology topics, which she later expanded to the special effects industries at studios such as Rhythm and Hues. Prior to that, Morie worked at UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training, where she developed techniques to make VR environments more immersive and emotionally compelling, and helped lead a group of innovative students called The Toy Scouts. She has been expanding her VR research to include neuroscience and avatars, developing methods to determine how such technologies can affect positive change in those who use them.

She was part of the DARPA Information, Science And Technology think tank from 2011 through 2015, and lectures extensively on how technology will affect our future selves and humanity.

She is the Founder and Chief Scientist of her VR company All These Worlds, LLC, which builds virtual environments for NASA and the Army Medical Command. She has recently formed a second company for Augmented Reality applications, The Augmented Traveler Corporation. More information can be found at alltheseworldsllc.com

Matthew VidacovichMatthew Vidacovich

Senior Software Developer

Matthew Vidacovich is a graduate of Southeastern from 2012 where he received his bachelor's degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. Matthew began his career at Envoc as a part-time developer and now has over 10 years of experience as a software professional. Some of you may know him from the CMPS 383 class in which he has been involved for the past 7 years as part of the industry connect program headed by Dr Ghassan Alkadi. Others might recognize his notable red mane, or the questions he offers up as a frequent visitor to CMPS 285 and CMPS 411 student presentations.


Brandon Cornett

Brandon Cornett

Brandon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Elevator3, a software consulting agency in Baton Rouge. Elevator3 provides custom web and mobile app development, business intelligence, and system integration services for clients ranging from startups to governmental entities. Brandon is also the CTO at PayStar, a software product that strives to simplify bill payment processes for utility companies. For both businesses, Brandon desires to build teams that love what they do and have the tools they need to deliver scalable and robust products to their clients.

Brandon graduated with his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2012. He now sits on the department’s Advisory Board Committee to provide feedback and advice on improving the curriculum to better prepare students for professional settings. Brandon recently earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Louisiana State University. He also enjoys presenting technical and professional topics at events like SQL Saturday and local user groups.

Ishmael AminIshmael Amin

In 2015, Ishmael Amin set his career path towards completing his Master’s in Data Science in Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.  Ishmael is now part of the graduating class of 2020 and holds a Bachelors in Statistical Science from University of California at Santa Barbara. He has a deep fundamental understanding of Statistical Science, and he has worked in the IT industry for more than 24 years. Ishmael has been instrumental in performing data science for fortune 500 clients, business development, advising, leading, and developing the talents of the digital analytics capability within the DXC Technology organization.

Ishmael Amin is a Lead Data Scientist and Data Science Manager for DXC Technology who supervises over 40 Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and ETL DBAs.

Ishmael’s excellent soft skills has made him an ambassador to represent the NOLA Service Line Analytics capabilities; to build relationships with our university outreach with Louisiana State University (LSU), Southeastern University, University of New Orleans UNO, and other universities.  Along with client billable work, Ishmael engages clients during RFP oral sales pursuit presentations. He is a communicator who can identify, cultivate, and mentor the talents of other analytics members.

Ishmael’s work ethos is to provide cutting edge analytical solutions, to keep current with technologies, to be relevant in the field of Data Science, to provide business development, and to flourish within his profession. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that allows him to draw upon his diverse knowledge gained by studying and practicing the disciplines of Data Science, Statistical Science, and Computer Science. Ishmael is eager to learn new business domains by constantly seeking to understand how things work at their applied and theoretical levels using principal sources of knowledge. Data Science appeals to his sense of purpose and passion to provide services of value.

William Assaf

Wiliam AssafWilliam Assaf is a principal consultant at Sparkhound, author of two recent books for Microsoft on the SQL Server database platform, and a database design and development consultant for the past 15 years. He has also been part of the writing and design of Microsoft certification exams since 2012 and this year was named a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, one around 350 honorees in the world. Before COVID William was the organizer of the annual Baton Rouge SQLSaturday conference and the now-virtual SQL Server user community in the area. He lives and works from Baton Rouge.