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Elevator3 Software

Elevator3 SoftwareOur team at Elevator3 Software has worked with many of Southeastern's Computer Science students over the years. The department's curriculum and professors do a phenomenal job preparing students to make impactful contributions to development teams right out of school. At present, our team has 7 Southeastern graduates working at our company, and we couldn't be happier. We love speaking to classes, providing internship opportunities, and giving presentations about current trends as often as possible. We'll certainly continue to work with the department for years to come!  Elevator3 Software, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



EnvocEnvoc is a software development firm that writes software you can't buy "off the shelf." Envoc uses SOLID design principles in a Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment to create Mobile Apps, Portals, Integrations, Dashboards, and Software for Businesses that create a "Better Reality" for their clients. Envoc is adept at helping companies identify and pay down "Technical Debt" associated with legacy systems, quick-and-dirty design decisions of the past, and aging software systems. Envoc does not outsource or utilize overseas labor and is very active in Louisiana Universities and the technical community through numerous speaking engagements.

Envoc also has a products division which has innovated some exciting products in the mobile space. AppMelt is a platform for creating iOS and Android mobile apps without the need for a programmer (www.appmelt.com). FlipFire is a two-way broadcast and subscription-based text-messaging platform (www.flipfiresms.com). BubbleVision is a cloud-based bubble-sheet grading package available for educational institutions.

Envoc would like to thank the Southeastern Louisiana University Computer Science department and faculty for allowing Envoc to occasionally invade their classrooms, influence the curriculum, and challenge the students with real-world project assignments. Envoc has had the pleasure of interning and hiring almost a dozen Computer Science students and alumni. Constant learning is a requirement in our field and the Southeastern Graduates understand that, just like a doctor or lawyer, they are entering into a "practice" that requires continual training, refinement and innovation. Envoc is so impressed with the Southeastern Computer Science Department that it believes that many of the graduates will know more about Software Development when they graduate, than the people that will be interviewing them -- the curriculum is THAT good.



Deloitte A Deloitte Software Development and Hiring Manager speaking about Computer Science student presentations: "I was impressed by the effort the students went through to deliver projects and the amount of work I know went into it. I was much more impressed by the soft skills I observed. I have observed over time that, in general, computer science students do not communicate very well but most of the [Southeastern] students were so comfortable speaking in front of the audience. I do expect to see the growth in the students from the time they take the CMPS 285 class to the time they take CMPS 411 but even the 285 students presented really well. The effort that the faculty give toward development of the students is really showing. Keep up the good/hard work and it will continue to pay benefits for all those that receive."

In the United States, Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries have 57,000 professionals with a single focus: serving our clients and helping them solve their toughest problems. We work in four key business areas - audit, financial advisory, tax and consulting - but our real strength comes from combining the talents of those groups to address clients' needs. Fortune and BusinessWeek consistently rank our organization among the best places to work, which is good news for our talent and our clients alike. When the best people tackle the most compelling challenges, everyone wins.