Student Summer Camp

Summer 2024 Lions CyberCamp!

When: TBA March 2024 -  9:00am to 3:00pm each day
Where: Online OR In Person at the Innovation Hub at Sims Memorial Library (Southeastern Louisiana University))

Southeastern University’s College of Science and Technology through the Department of Computer Science is pleased to sponsor the Lion’s Code CyberCamp. You can choose to attend this camp 100% online or join us on campus!  This four-day, fun-filled action-packed event specially designed for high school students. No prior coding or extensive experience with computers are needed. Students with more advanced skills, they should register, too, in order to explore advanced computing and to grow their personal knowledge and skill base. This is a rare opportunity for high school students to work directly with Southeastern’s cutting-edge computer science faculty and IT professional staff.

Register for Camp - In Person

Register for Camp - Virtual

Camp Highlights

  • Open to all high school students (Grades 8 through 12)
  • Camps size is limited to 100 students 
  • Registration deadline: Friday, June 30th
  • Option to participate in exclusive campus tour


Faculty and instructors are from Southeastern’s Louisiana University’s College of Science and Technology - Department of Computer Science and the Workforce Talent Initiative.

Activities include:

  • Cyber Literacy, Cybersecurity and Cyber Society
  • Explore and apply analysis skills essential in computer science
  • Learn about data encryption and next-level computing skills
  • A virtual Capture the Flag competition
  • Explore cyber careers
  • Work with one of Southeastern’s Career Services experts
    • Begin resume building
    • Gain insights to develop a personal education plan after completing high school
  • Earn a certificate of completion to begin building your cyber resume.


  • Open to all high school students.
  • No prior coding experience is needed. Students with more advanced skills should register, too.

Tech/Online Course Requirements

  • Mac or Windows PC only
  • Familiar with browser usage (Chrome, Fire Fox, etc.)
  • WebCam & microphone (Video conferencing is through Google Meet)
  • Stable internet connection

Additional Info

Please direct any questions to


Top 10 reasons to learn to code:


Coding Improves Academic Performance

    1. Math: Coding helps kids visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real-world situations, and makes math fun and creative!
    2. Writing: Kids who code understand the value of concision and planning, which results in better writing skills. Many kids even use Tynker as a medium for storytelling!
    3. Creativity: Kids learn through experimentation and strengthen their brains when they code, allowing them to embrace their creativity.
    4. Confidence: Parents enthusiastically report that they’ve noticed their kids’ confidence building as they learn to problem-solve through coding!

Coding Builds Soft Skills

    1. Focus and Organization: As they write more complicated code, kids naturally develop better focus and organization.
    2. Resilience: With coding comes debugging – and there’s no better way to build perseverance and resilience than working through challenges!
    3. Communication: Coding teaches logical communication, strengthening both verbal and written skills. Think about it: learning code means learning a new language!

Coding Paves a Path to the Future

  1. Empowerment: Kids are empowered to make a difference when they code – we’ve seen Tynkerers use the platform to spread messages of tolerance and kindness!
  2. Life Skills: Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it’s important for kids to understand – and be able to innovate with – the technology around them.
  3. Career Preparation: There’s a high demand for workers in the tech industry; mastering coding at a young age allows kids to excel in any field they choose!