Undergraduate Programs

Students in HHS programs required to complete clinical practicum or internship hours at health or social care agencies should be aware of the following:

If you are claiming an exemption for medical or personal/religious reasons as evidence of immunity to, or immunization against, vaccine-preventable diseases the clinical agency may require you to take  additional protective measures. 

These measures may include wearing a mask or protective face covering at all times, undergoing periodic screenings for infection, or other measures required by the agency.

You must fully understand that if an agency requires employees and students to provide evidence of immunity to or immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases, and additional protective measures are not allowed, you may not be allowed to complete clinical practicum experiences at the agency. 

If an alternative clinical experience is not available, you must understand this may prevent you from progressing or graduating in the program. 


Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Communication Sciences and Disorders program offers undergraduate curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

The mission of the Bachelor of Science program in Communication Sciences and Disorders is to provide students with an excellent academic and clinical education in normal and disordered communication.  Students engage in independent and cooperative learning and demonstrate problem-solving in simulated and real clinical situations.  Students learn the importance of evidence-based ethical practice and are encouraged to participate in professional activities.

The four-year curriculum prepares students to serve individuals with communication disorders. Clinical practica are required. The program also offers curriculum and clinical practical leading to a Master of Science degree with a concentration in speech-language pathology.

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Human Sciences

The mission of Southeastern's Human Sciences program is to prepare students for professions which enhance and strengthen the well-being of individuals, families, and communities across the lifespan. Through dynamic coursework and a variety of field experiences, students develop the knowledge, skills, and professional characteristics to pursue careers or advance studies in Human Development and Family Studies, Child Life, or Nutrition Education and Promotion..


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Nutrition Education and Promotion: 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024



Health Systems Management

The Health Systems Management undergraduate degree integrates healthcare principles, management, organization and information systems to produce professionals with knowledge and skills related to the complex and ever-evolving healthcare industry. The program is designed to fill a wide variety of health-related workforce occupations.

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Social Work

The undergraduate social work program is a professional program that has been designed to prepare student for social work practice in rural and small communities. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and follows a generalist practice model in which students are provided the knowledge and skills needed to work with clients with a variety of social problems on multiple levels.

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