Robert Kraemer

Professor of Exercise Physiology and 
Exercise Physiology Lab Coordinator

Robert Kraemer


Office: KHS105
Phone: 985-549-2132

Southeastern faculty since 1991 


Ed.D., 1985, Exercise Physiology
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

M.Ed., 1980, Physical Education
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 

B.A., 1975, Zoology
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 

Associate Editor

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research


Editorial Board

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental


Selected Recent Published Articles 

Boudreaux BD, Hebert EP, Hollander DB, Williams BM, Cormier CL, Naquin MR, Gillan WW, Gusew EE, Kraemer RR. Validity of wearable activity tracking devices during cycling and resistance exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 50(3):624-633, 2018

Baiamonte BA, Kraemer RR, Chabreck CN, Reynolds ML, McCaleb KM, Shaheen GL, Hollander DB. Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia: Pain Tolerance, Preference and Tolerance for Exercise Intensity, and Physiological Correlates Following Dynamic Circuit Resistance Exercise. Journal of Sports Sciences. 35(18):1831-1837, 2017.

Hollander DB, Worley JR, Asoodeh M, Wakesa D, Magnuson M, Dantzler DK, Didier JJ, Kraemer RR. A comparison of resistance exercise perceived exertion and muscle activation at varied submaximal durations, loads, and muscle actions. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.31(5):1387-1394, 2017.

Kraemer RR, Goldfarb AH, Reeves GV, Meacham WA, Castracane V. Daniel. Effects of partial vascular occlusion on irisin responses to loaded muscle contractions. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism. 41(3):332-334, 2016.

Shockett P, Khanal J, Situala A, Kraemer RR. Plasma cell-free mitochondrial DNA declines in response to prolonged moderate aerobic exercise.Physiological Reports. 4(1):e12672, 2016


Kraemer RR, Castracane VD. Endocrine alterations from concentric vs. eccentric muscle actions: A brief review: Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. 64(2):190-201, 2015.


Kraemer RR, Shockett P, Dardis N, Shah U, Castracane VD. A transient elevated irisin blood concentration in response to prolonged, moderate aerobic exercise in young men and women. Hormone and Metabolic Research. 46:150-154, 2014.


Kraemer RR, Francois M, Dardis-Webb N, Worley J, Rogers S, Norman, R, Castracane VD. No effect of menstrual cycle phase on glucose and glucoregulatory endocrine responses to prolonged exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 113:2401-2408, 2013.

Russell RD, Kraemer RR, Nelson AG. Metabolic dysfunction in diabetic offspring: Deviations in metabolic flexibility. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 45(1):8-15, 2013. 

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Garekani ET, Mohebbi H, Kraemer RR, Fathi R. The effect of exercise intensity on plasma and tissue total and high molecular weight adiponectin in the male rat. Peptides 32(5):1008-12, 2011.