Faculty Directory


    Eric Beckman, PhD

  • Indiana University
  • Title: Lecturer of Latin 
    Email: eric.beckman@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: Greek literature, Greek and Roman art and material culture, and the intersections of art and text
  • Lauren Clear, M.A. 

  • Mississippi State University
  • Title: Lecturer of German
    Email: lauren.clear@southeastern.edu 
  • Areas of InterestGerman Literature, 18th and 20th Century German Drama & Comedy
  • Irma Donley, M.A.

  • University of New Orleans
  • Title: Instructor of Spanish and French
    Location: DVIC 246
    Phone: 985/549-5291
    Email: irma.donley@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of InterestColonialism in Mexico, Mexican Revolution, Latin American Literature
  • Luz Escobar, D.D.S.

  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Title: Instructor of Spanish
    Location: DVIC 244
    Phone: 985/549-2266
    Email: luz.escobar@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: The Culture of Latino Countries, Education in South America, Sustainable Human Development
  • Agnieszka Gutthy, Ph.D.

  • Temple University
  • Title: Professor of Spanish
    Location: DVIC 241
    Phone: 985/549-2880
    Email: agnieszka.gutthy@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: Comparative literature, European minority languages and cultures (Basque in Spain and Kashub in Poland), literature of exile

     Rosario Rodriguez de Hall, Ph.D.

           University of Arizona

Title: Instructor of Spanish
Location: DVIC 240
Phone: 985/549-3126
Areas of Interest: Cultural Studies, Spanish for the Profession, Latinx Studies, Mexican Contemporary Literature.
  • Lucia Harrison, Ph.D.

  • University of Kentucky
  • Title: Professor of Spanish and Italian/Department Head/Director of International Initiatives 
    Location: DVIC 219
    Phone: 985/549-2105
    Email: lucia.harrison@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: Medieval Spanish Literature, the literary influence between Italy and Spain during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Italian-American community in Louisiana,  Second Language Acquisition 



Hua Kong, M.A.

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
Title: Lecturer of Chinese
Email: kong.hua@southeastern.edu
Areas of Interest: International Advertisement

Marianna Kunow, Ph.D.

Tulane University
Title: Instructor of Spanish and Mythology
Location: DVIC 243
Phone: 985/549-3994
Email: marianna.kunow@southeastern.edu
Areas of Interest: Mesoamerican Cultures, Ethnobotany, Oral History
  • Loren Lee, M.A.

  • University of New Orleans
  • Title: Lecturer of Spanish/ Spanish Dual Enrollment Instructor of Record
    Location: DVIC 250
    Phone: 985/549-2007
    Email: loren.lee@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: Foreign Language Education, Geographical Linguistics, English as a Second Language, Hispanic History


  • Aileen Mootoo-Robertson, M.A.

  • University of Maryland-College Park
  • Title: Instructor of French/ French Language and Culture Study Abroad Coordinator/ French Club Advisor
    Location: DVIC 237
    Phone: 985/549-3746
    Email: aileen.mootoo-robertson@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: French Language, Francophone West Indies and African Cultures, Foreign Language Acquisition


        • Beatrice Marbrey-Robison, Ph.D.

        • University of Texas at Austin
        • Title: Lecturer of Italian
          Email: beatrice.mabrey-robeson@selu.edu
        • Areas of Interest: Contemporary Italian Literature, Theater, and Cinema and Memory Studies
  • Maritza Nemoga-Shelton, M.A., M.Ed

  • Louisiana State University
  • Title: Instructor of Spanish/ Spanish Dual Enrollment Instructor of Record
    Location: DVIC 251
    Phone: 985/549-2042
    Email: maritza.nemoga@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: Second Language Acquisition, Hispanic Linguistics, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics
  • Jerry Parker, Ed.D.

  • Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Title: Instructor of French and Spanish/ Undergraduate Program Coordinator/ Director of Foreign Language Resource Center/ Student Ambassador Program Advisor
    Location: DVIC 252
    Phone: 985/549-5293
    Email: jerry.parker@southeastern.edu
  • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Foreign Language Education, Multicultural Education, French and Spanish Caribbean Studies, Louisiana Studies

Rodrigo Pereyra, Ph.D.

Texas Tech University- Lubbock
Title: Assistant Professor of Spanish/ Spanish Language and Culture Study Abroad Coordinator/ Spanish Club Advisor
Location: DVIC 242
Phone: 985/549-5292
Areas of InterestTranslation and Interpretion, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Heritage Language Speakers, Latinamerican Contemporary Literature

Danielle Perez de Corcho, M.A.

Tulane University
Title:Instructor and Director of English as a Second Language Program
Location: DVIC 249
Phone: 985/549-2270
Areas of Interest: Second Language Acquisition and TESOL, Minority Language Preservation, Language Access Policies, Bilingual Education, Latin American Studies