Need to Know Facts


Pre-Requisite Information

  • Pre-requisite courses used in the admission process (used to calculate cumulative GPA) include the following courses:
    English 101,102,and (230,231,or 232); Math (151 or 161), and 241; General Biology 151 and Biology Lab 152; Sociology 101; Library Science102; Psychology 101 and 204; Chemistry 107; Zoology 250 and 251; Zoology Lab 252 and 253; Nutrition and Diet Therapy 251; Microbiology 223 and Microbiology Lab 224.

  • Excluding: SE 101, art elective, history, and Communications 211.
  • Students must earn a “C” or better in all nursing degree courses.
  • Student will not be considered eligible for application to progress to nursing course work if completion of the biology/zoology courses exceeds 6 regular semesters (GBIO 151, BIOL 152, ZOO 250, ZOOL 252, ZOO 251, ZOOL 253)
  • Students can repeat a class in which they earn a “C” only once. There is no limit to the number of times a student may repeat a grade of “D” or “F”. The cumulative* of all grades earned in a course will be used for application GPA.
  • You will need evidence of health compatible with curriculum requirements and clear criminal background check from LSBN, and will be drug tested before starting nursing coursework.

Transfer Student Information

  • All first semester transfer students must receive initial advising by the transfer advisor, Dr. Kristie Riddle. Call 985.549.2156 to schedule an appointment in person, by phone, email or Google Meet.
  • Students previously enrolled as a nursing major at any other School of Nursing must provide a letter of good standing.

Application Information

  • Students should apply the semester they are enrolled in their final pre-requisite courses. (The semester BEFORE they wish to begin nursing clinical courses.). Any final pre-requisite courses must be taken at Southeastern the semester of application.
  • At the time of application, students must have a grade of "C" or better posted for all required prerequisites completed.
  • If a student has a posted grade of "D" or "F" in any required prerequisite, they are not eligible to apply until the grade is replaced with a "C" or better.
  • Students must complete all required pre-requisite courses before they can enroll in any nursing courses.
  • Admission is HIGHLY competitive. You must have a minimum cumulative* degree GPA on required pre-requisite courses of a 3.0.
  • You must apply for the clinical component of the Nursing Curriculum. Applications are completed electronically and will be available for completion during the 4 months before the application deadlines below:
    Fall Deadline – Sep. 1st (applying to enter program in the Spring)
    Spring Deadline – Feb. 1st (applying to enter program in the Summer for Accelerated and Fall for Traditional)

Clinical Information

  • The last 3 semesters of Nursing didactic/skills lab are taught at the Southeastern Louisiana University’s Baton Rouge Center on 4849 Essen Lane.
  • Once admitted into the program, clinical sites are available within a 60 mile radius of campus. Students must be able to provide their own transportation to clinical.

*Cumulative GPA: If you retake a class in an effort to improve your grade, all grades earned for the course will be included in the cumulative GPA. (Excludes W, audit, & pass/fail.)