Ann Carruth, DNS, RN

Dean & ProfessorAnn Carruth
Southeastern Louisiana University
College of Nursing and Health Sciences SLU 10835
Hammond LA 70402
PHONE: (985)- 549-3331


  • D.N.S. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • M.S.N. University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • B.S. Southeastern Louisiana University

Licensure and Board Certifications

  • Registered Nurse in Louisiana

Academic Positions

  • Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences Southeastern Louisiana University

Honors & Awards

  • Louisiana Nurses Foundtion Hall of Fame
  • Sarah K. Thornhill Endowed Professorship in Nursing
  • Rho Zeta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, Outstanding Researcher of the year.
  • President's Award for Excellence - Research Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Nightingale Award: Outstanding Nurse Researcher, Louisiana State Nurses Foundation
  • Mentor Award Graduating Nursing Seniors
  • Project Healthy Farm Families Initiative selected by the Louisiana Rural Health Association as the Outstanding Rural Health Program of the Year.
  • 2011 Top Nurse Tangipahoa District Nurses Association
  • Epic corporation Endowed Professorship in Nursing

Professional Affiliations

  • Vice-Chairpeerson NOHS Board of Commissioners 
  • NIOSH Study Section 2015-2019
  • Internal Advisory Board member Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention &  Education
  • AgriSafe Board Roster 2014-2019
  • American Nurses Association
  • CCNE Site Visitor
  • Sigma Theta Tau International (Rho Zeta)
  • Phi Kappa Phi


Areas of Research Interest

  • Culture of Hospital Environments and Impact on Retention of Nurses
  • Caregivers and care giving issues
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Community/Public Health Issues
  • Environmental Health
  • Maritime Emergency and Occupational Health
  • Farm worker Health and Safety Issues 

Selected Publications & Presentations

  • Steele Moses, S, Creel, E., Carruth, A., "Recruitment Attributes Important to New Nurse Graduates Employed on Adult medical-Surgical Units" accepted for publication in the September/October 2018 issue of MEDSURG Nursing
  • Wood, R., Ralph Wood*, Edward Hebert*, Chris Wirth*, Ali Venezia*, Shelly Welch*, Ann Carruth*,  "Campus-Community Partnerships in Health and Wellness."  Kinesiology Review Volume 6 issue 4, November 2017, 335-340.
  • Jeffrey L. Levin, Karen Gilmore, Amanda Wickman, Sara Shepherd, Eva Shipp, Matthew Nonnenmann & Ann Carruth (2016) Workplace Safety Interventions for Commercial Fishermen of the Gulf, Journal of Agromedicine, 21;2, 178-189, DOI: 10.1080/1059924X.20161143430.
  • Billingsley, L., and Carruth, A., (2015).  Use of technology to promote effective medication adherence.  Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing 46 (08), 340-342.
  • Carruth, P.J., & Carruth, A.K., (2014) Educational and Financial Impact of e-Learning on Workforce Development.  Journal of College Teaching & Learning.
  • Carruth, A.K., (2012), First Aid Training for medical Emergencies in Rural Areas.  Innovative outreach Practices Report.  Halth Outreach Partners.  Selected for inclusion in the 2012 IOP Compendium Practice publication.
  • Levin, J., Gilmore, K., Carruth, A.K., Wickman, A. Shepard, S., Gllardo, G., Nonnenmann, M. (2011).  Helping gulf shrimpers adopt safety measures:  Importance of partnerships and research to prctice.  Journal of Agromedicine, 17, 15-21.
  • Carruth, A.K., Broussard, P., Waldmeier, V., Gauthier, D., Mixon, G. (2010). Graduate nursing online orientation course: Transitioning for success. Journal of Nursing Education, 49(12), 687-690.
  • Carruth, A.K., Pryor, S., Cormier, C.. Bateman, A., Matzke, B., Gilmore, K., (2010). Evaluation of a school based train-the-trainer intervention program to teach first aid and risk reduction among high school students. Journal of School Health, 80(9), 453-460.
  • Levin, J., Gilmore, K., Shepherd, S., Wickman, A., Carruth, A.K., Nalbone, J.T., Gallardo, G., Nonnemann, M. (2010). Factors influencing safety among a group of commercial fishermen along the Texas Gulf Coast. Journal of Agromedicine, 15(4), 363-374.
  • Carruth, A.K., Levin, J., Gilmore, K., Bui, T., Gallardo, G., Evert, W., & Sealey, L. (2010). Cultural influences on safety and health education among Vietnamese fishermen. Journal of Agromedicine, 15(4), 375-385.
  • Levin, J., Gilmore, K., Carruth, A.K., Nonnenmann, M., Evert, W., King, D. (2010). An interview with Vietnamese fishermen of Louisiana in the wake of the oil spill. Journal of Agromedicine, 15(4), 337-342.
  • Carruth, A.K., Pryor, S, Cormier, C. Gilmore, K. Bates, A., Matzke, B., 2010. Evaluation of a School Based Train-the-Trainer Intervention Program to Teach First Aid and Risk Reduction among High School Students. Journal of School Health, 80(9) 453-460.
  • Hathorn, D., Carruth, A.K., Agosta, L., & Pryor, S. (2009). Self reported back pain among farm women in southeast Louisiana. AAOHN, 57(6), 232-238.
  • Carruth, P.J. & Carruth, A.K. (2008). Accounting and Economic Implications of Healthcare Information Technology. Journal of Business and Economics Research, 6 (7), 63-67.
  • Carruth, A.K., Duthu, S., Levin, J., Lavigne, T. (2008) Behavior change, environmental hazards and respiratory protection among a southern farm community. Journal of Agromedicine, 13 (1), 49-58.
  • Schexnaydre, M. Carruth, A.K. (2008) My Father's Experience with Macular Degeneration. Home Health Care Nurse. 26(1) 8-14.
  • AACN 2008 Master's Education Conference February 22, 2008. Graduate Nursing Online Orientation Course: Transitioning For Success
  • Elliot, Synovitz, L. Diez, K. Carruth, A.K.(2007) Mexican colonia residents' health perceptions and spirituality level: predictors of and relationships to demographics. International electronic Journal of Health Education. November edition.
  • Durand, E., Logan, C., & Carruth, A.K. (2007) Association of Maternal Obesity and Childhood Obesity: Implications for Healthcare Providers. Journal of Community Health Nursing. Vol 24 (3), 167-176.


Selected Funded Projects and Research

  • Thermal Load among Vietnamese Shrimp Fisherman, NIOSH, 2016-2021.
  • CDC/NIOSH U50 OH07541 Levin, J (PI) NIOSH/Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education Innovative Approaches to Worker Health Protection among Shrimp Fishermen of the Gulf Coast. 2006-2011.
  • Faculty Development Grant First Aid for Preteens: Impact on preparedness and Injury prevention. 2007-2008.
  • USDA  The Health Coach for Care Coordination (HC4) Project- 6/16 - 6/18
  • BOR Creating Opportunities for Access and Community Health:  Project COACH 6/16 - 6/18
  • USDA Carruth (PI) Delta Health Care Service Grant Program 2013-2015
  • CDC-NIOSH  Carruth (PI) NIOSH/Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education Marketing Safety and Health among Vietnamese Shrimp Fisherman 2011-2016