Faculty and Staff Profiles



Kenneth Bolton, Ph.D.

University of Florida
Department Head and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: Gender Studies, Criminology, race and ethnicity

Email: kbolton@southeastern.edu


Michael Bisciglia, Ph.D.

Louisiana State University
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Graduate Coordinator, Applied Sociology
Areas of Interest: Homicide, Macro-Crime, Race and Ethnicity 
and Statistics

Email: michael.bisciglia@southeastern.edu


John Boulahanis, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies and Institutional Effectiveness & Professor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest:

Email: jboulahanis@southeastern.edu


David Burley, Ph.D.

University of New Orleans
Associate Professor of Sociology
Areas of Interest: food systems and food justice, environmental sociology, sustainable environments and economies, place attachment, social construction of race 

Email: david.burley@southeastern.edu

 katie cali

Katie Cali, M.A.

Southeastern Louisiana University
Instructor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: Death Penalty, Racial Inequality, Criminology, Physician Assisted Suicide, Homicide, Serial Murder


Russell Castro, M.A.

University of Colorado at Boulder
Instructor of Sociology

Email: rcastro@southeastern.edu

 Young Chae

Young Chae, Ph.D.

Northeastern University-Boston
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: Criminological Theory, Health and Justice, Gender Issues, Immigration, Quantitative Research Methods and Evidenced Based Criminal Justice Policy Implications

Email: youngju.chae@southeastern.edu

 Will Chernoff

William Chernoff, Ph.D.  

Kansas State University
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: Juvenile Justice, Inequality and the Justice System, Research Methodology and Quantitative Methodology

Email: william.chernoff@southeastern.edu


Kellen Gilbert, Ph.D.

Rutgers University
Professor of Anthropology and The Woman's Hospital Professor
Areas of Interest: Physical Anthropology, Primatology
and Amazonia

Email: kgilbert@southeastern.edu


Joshua Lew McDermott, Ph.D

University of Pittsburgh 
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Areas of Interest: International Political Economy, Development, Urban Studies, Labor, Social Movements, Mexico, West Africa 



Molly McGraw, Ph.D.

Louisiana State University
Professor of Geography 
Areas of Interest: Fluvial and Coastal Geomorphology, Wetlands, Cyrosphere and GIS

Email: molly.mcgraw@southeastern.edu

Mandy Jo Pickering

Mandy Jo Pickering, M.S.
Southeastern Louisiana University
Areas of Interest: Juvenile Justice, Political Influence within the Criminal Justice System, and the Social Construction of Crime

Email: mandy.sibley@selu.edu


lisa olson

Lisa M. Olson, J.D., Ph.D.

University of North Dakota
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: court processes, sexual orientation prejudice in the criminal justice system, gender issues, and serial and mass murder

Email: Lisa.Olson@southeastern.edu



Marc Settembrino, Ph.D.

University of Central Florida
Associate Professor of Sociology
Areas of Interest: Disaster vulnerability, social inequality, globalization and food insecurity

Email: Marc.Settembrino@southeastern.edu


Peter Shrock, Ph.D.

University at Albany, SUNY
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Areas of Interest: organizational crime, regulation and the social construction of deviant behavior and authority

Email: peter.shrock@southeastern.edu

 deirdre smith  

Deirdre Smith, Ph.D.

Louisiana State University
Instructor of Geography
Areas of Interest: atmospheric electricity, extreme weather and natural hazards, climate migration, diasporic communities, Central/South America and Caribbean region

Email: deirdre.smith@southeastern.edu

 janathan varnado

Jonathan Varnado, M.S

University of Cincinnati             

Instructor of Criminal Justice and Undergraduate Coordinator
Areas of Interest:Corrections, Pretrial Detention, Criminal Justice Policy Analysis

Email: jonathan.varnado@southeastern.edu


Jessica Siebenkittel

Administrative Assistant 

Email: jsiebenkittel@southeastern.edu