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The mission of the Louisiana Alliance of Postsecondary Inclusive Education is to increase postsecondary inclusive opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Louisiana. 


Congratulations to Dr. Beckers for being selected 2023 Educator of the Year GOLD award winner! GOLD stands for the State of Louisiana's Governor's Outstanding Leadership in Disabilities Award.

Congratulations to Dr. Beckers! GOLD award recipient for 2023


More about usLouisiana offers six inclusive higher education programs that allow students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to enjoy a college experience.





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The Council's mission is to lead and promote advocacy, capacity building, and systemic change to improve the quality of life for individuals with delopmental disabilities and their families.




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  • Facebook Post: 1/18/24 - The Transition Leadership Program (TLP) prepares current and prospective special educators, guidance counselors, school social workers, rehabilitation counselors, and other professionals to help students with disabilities focus on employment, college preparation, and independent living skills during the critical transition from high school to adult life. Find the information here.