Certificate in Digital Health Management | Southeastern Louisiana University

The certificate is relevant for those seeking a degree or those who wish to enhance existing educational experience in digital health management. The purpose of this certificate is to prepare adult learners for careers in healthcare with high demand knowledge and job skills related to: electronic/personal health records, telehealth and remote patient monitoring technology, telecare, telemedicine, patient self-monitoring, ambient assisted living (AAL), and smart systems, incorporating both on demand and scheduled telehealth visits in to daily clinical workflows, data management and analysis, and health informatics.

The certificate requires 18 credit hours and includes coursework in technology, chronic disease management, data analytics, health informatics, and project management.

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Completers will acquire skills necessary to:

  1. Examine the use of technology for expanding capacity to deliver health care services and education.

  2. Explore major conceptual and methodological issues associated with designing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of technology-enhanced interventions.

  3. Identify technology to provide direct-to-consumer services as well as remote monitoring and care.

  4. Assess and ensure confidential information is transferred and exchanged using technology within a secure platform.

  5. Apply principles of data analytics to trended data collected through remote access and monitoring.

  6. Demonstrate competencies with use of technologies in a variety of health care settings.

  7. Effectively combine clinical knowledge with digital data in decision making.


Required Courses (18 Hours)

HSM 215: Microcomputer Applications for Healthcare 3 hours

NURS 313: Study of Human Diseases 3 hours

HSM 375: Data Management 3 hours

HSM 410: Health Informatics 3 hours

HSM 480: Project Management Fundamentals 3 hours

HSCI 499: Capstone Experience


Note: Requests to waive prerequisites of these courses will be considered by the department head on an individual basis. HS 315/HS316 (6 hours) can be substituted for NURS 313 (3 hours).


For More Information:

Health Certificate Coordinator
Department of Health and Human Sciences
SLU Box 10863
Hammond, LA 70402

Tel: 985-549-2309

Email: holly.kihm@selu.edu