Students in Southeastern's Physics program receive comprehensive training in all four major fields of physics: mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. Combined with the numerous opportunities for undergraduate research in physics, the degree program produces students who are well prepared for a career in industry or for graduate study in physics or engineering.

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  • Physics

Required Semester Hours 120

Program Highlights

  • Faculty maintain modern and active research laboratories where students can gain  hands on experience in laboratory research

  • Students often obtain grants to present their research work at meetings across the country, gaining exposure to and recognition from the scientific community

  • Most graduates earn advanced degrees in engineering or physics


What Can You Be

Types of Jobs

  • Computer science
  • Data analysis and modeling
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Research and development

Types of Employers

  • Academia
  • Business
  • Industry
  • Research laboratories



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Student Orgs & Activities

Society of Physics Students

Sigma Pi Sigma Physics