Update Your Phone Number

  1. Go to Southeastern's website and click on "My Den" located in the top right corner.
    Southeastern's website with My Den in the top right corner circled.
  2. Click on "LEONET." 
    My Den webpage with Leonet link circled
  3. Enter your W number and password. 
    Leonet login screen

  4. Click on "Self Service" located in the main menu.
    Leonet interface with Self Service link highlighted
  5. Click on "Campus Personal Information."
    Leonet interface with Campus Personal Information highlighted

  6. Click on "Phone Numbers."
    Leonet interface with Phone Number highlighted
  7. Select the option for "Cell" in the drop menu for Phone Type, then enter your mobile number in the orange box as seen below. 
    Leonet interface with location for cell phone number highlighted

  8. Check the option "Preferred" as seen below.
    Leonet interface with Preferred option checked
  9. Click "Save." Once you do, the message below will appear! 
    Leonet interface showing confirmation message