MBA Society



Who We Are

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The MBA Society is a student led organization that is focused on enhancing its members attainment of relevant business knowledge and skills by providing a variety of academic and social activities that supplement and provide opportunities to apply what is learned in their coursework.  It is open to all current graduate business students and it encourages its MBA alumni to remain actively engaged with the program and the society. 

What We Do

 The MBA Society engages in a multitude of career and personal development activities including:

 MBA - Business Conversation Series (BCS)

The BCS is designed and administered by MBA Society members to provide additional contemporary business training through the use of guest lecturers throughout the year to speak with and interact with MBA students on a personal level. 

MBA Society members invite noted experts from a variety of fields to speak with them and provide their perspectives on contemporary topics, tactics and trends.  Much more than merely a formal lecture, the BCS is specifically designed to stimulate interactive discussions between students and lecturers to ensure student attainment of key concepts and provide opportunities to meet with individuals who may help mentor them professionally.  The skills, knowledge and contacts derived from the MBA BCS give MBA Society members  a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 


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Ethics Lectures


The College of Business’ annually presents an Ethics Lecture series that features prominent business leaders who have demonstrated exceptional moral character in their professional capacities. 

The MBA Society members are privy to an exclusive discussion in advance with these speakers in which students may gain a deeper understanding of the function of ethics in today’s workforce.

Moreover, the informal Q&A format provides MBA students an opportunity to directly ask CEO’s, CFO’s, and the like specific questions regarding the decisions and business operations of these individuals and their organizations.  This experience provides an opportunity for MBA students to apply concepts learned in their program and relate them to real world business applications.




Business Tours

Businesses open their doors to the MBA Society so that students may gain a better understanding of the multitude of issues confronting managers in the administration of their business.   Students are given insights into how the business strategy is being implemented and how major functional areas of each business are integrated in the decision making process.  With each business tour students make valuable connections with local business operators, gain an appreciation for the challenges and rewards of upper-level management, and participate in invaluable learning experiences.  


Gnarley Barley Tour


Abita Brewery Tour



MBA Faculty Member of the Year Award


The MBA Society annually selects and recognizes an individual to receive the MBA Faculty Member of the Year Award.   Selected professors are recognized for exhibiting exceptionally teaching abilities and the desire to enhance student learning through a variety of activities.

MBA Society Mixer


Every fall the MBA Society hosts a student-faculty mixer in order to encourage incoming and returning students to interact with the graduate faculty, College of Business Dean and Department Heads, MBA program alumni, and members of the College of Business Advisory board. 

Through this and other related social events throughout the year, students in the MBA get to know one another on a personal level which leads to enhanced classroom discussions and group projects, scholastic collaborations with faculty outside of the classroom and professional networking opportunities.