Thesis Director and 2nd Reader Resources

What is an Honors Thesis?

The Honors Thesis is a significant research or creative project that every honors student completes with the guidance of a faculty member and then presents before an audience of peers in the senior year. 

  • Usually students work on the project over two semesters - designing the project with a faculty director and gathering data over one semester, and writing and reporting results over the next.  H-option courses can be used to help lay the groundwork for a solid thesis.
  • Most student theses are academic research projects that ask a research question, investigate previous research on the topic and then seek to answer, test, and/or explore that research question through methodologies and analyses appropriate to the student’s discipline.  Other theses take an artistic path to produce a significant creative work. Students in creative writing, music and performing arts, and visual art and design often take on these kinds of creative projects for their senior theses.


Honors Thesis Handbook for Students

One resource that may help you as you oversee a student authoring a thesis is the Senior Thesis Handbook Honors students receive.


Honors Thesis Process

Steps for the Honors Thesis Process can be found here. 


Thesis Director Responsibilities

Guidelines for the Thesis Director can be found here.


2nd Reader Responsibilities

Guidelines for the 2nd Reader can be found here.