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Prem S. Chanda

Associate Professor
Email: prem.chanda@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5903
Research Area: Synthetic organic chemistry


Fereshteh Emami

Associate Professor
Email: fereshteh.emami@southeastern.edu 
Phone: (985) 549-2335
Research Area: Analytical chemistry


Jean Fotie

Associate Professor
Email: Jean.Fotie@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5112
Research Area: Organic medicinal chemistry


Computer Science

Ghassan Alkadi

Email: galkadi@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5099
Research Areas: Software engineering, Information systems

John W. Burris

Assistant Professor
Email: jburris@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5314
Research Areas: Software engineering, Ethics, Machine learning, Networking


Cris Koutsougeras

Email: ck@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5315
Research Areas: Technologies and Programming for the Web, Neural Networks, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Automata Theory, Engineering Technology, Energy Airfoils.


Patrick McDowell

Professor of Computer Science
Email: pm@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5506
Research Areas: Data Analysis, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, AI, Robotics, Game Programming


Matthew McNulty

Email: mmcnulty@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-2037
Research Areas: Networking, Cybersecurity Education, Cyber Operations, Cyber Defense


Paulo Alexandre Regis

Assistant Professor
Email: pregis@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-2251
Research Areas: Smart-Cities, Internet of Things, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,
Heterogeneous Networks, Cybersecurity


Kazim Sekeroglu

Assistant Professor
Email: kazim.sekeroglu@southeastern.edu
Phone:  (985) 549-2073
Research Areas: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Image processing, Computer Aided Detection and Diagnosis, Biomedical Informatic


Ömer M. Soysal

Assistant Professor

Email: Omer.Soysal@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-3769
Research Areas: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Geographic Information Systems, Brain Activity Recognition, Computer Aided Tumor Detection, Traffic Accident Data Analysis


Quoc-Nam Tran


Email: quoc-nam.tran@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-3282
Research Areas:


Kuo-Pao Yang

Email: kyang@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5088
Research Areas: Computer architecture, Programming languages, Data structures, Operating systems



Industrial Technology


Mehmet "Emre" Bahadir

Assistant Professor
E-mail: Mehmet.Bahadir@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-2085
Research Areas: Discrete-event Manufacturing System Simulations, Project Planning and Control, 3D Solid Modeling and Drafting, CNC Machining


Ahmad Fayed

Assistant Professor
E-mail: Ahmad.Fayed@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-2501
Research Areas: Engineering Statics and Dynamics, Materials and Methods, System Analysis and Design, Robotics 




Alan Cannon

E-mail: acannon@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5895
Research Areas: Nearrings, Rings of functions


Lisa Kuhn

Assistant Professor
E-mail: lisa.kuhn@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5906
Research Areas: Micro Air Vehicles, Control Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Method


Dennis Merino

Email: dmerino@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5907
Research Area: Matrix analysis


Edgar Reyes

E-mail: ereyes@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-5891
Research Area: Mobius geometry


Occupational Safety, Health and Environment


Priyadarshini Dasgupta

Assistant Professor

Email: Priyadarshini.Dasgupta@southeastern.edu

Phone: (985) 549-3355

Research Areas: Physical Exposure in Construction, Ergonomic Solutions, Behavioral Safety


Ephraim Massawe

Associate Professor
E-mail: Ephraim.Massawe@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-2243
Research Areas: Safety, health and environment, Toxic chemicals,
Industrial hygiene/exposure and risk assessments, Air/water/soil pollution control, Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials,
Current issues in environmental and public health





Daniel McCarthy

Professor, Dean
E-mail: dmccarthy@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-2055
Research Area: Turbulence and transport of plasma in the tokamak edge


Sanichiro Yoshida

ISAT Co-coordinator
E-mail: syoshida@southeastern.edu
Phone: (985) 549-3943
Research Areas: Optical interferometry, Field theory



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