To better help students participating in the Masters in Integrated Science and Technology program we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions that are not answered please contact Dr. Yoshida at syoshida@southeastern.edu or Dr. Gurney at dgurney@southeastern.edu.

What is the Professional Science Master's Degree Program?

Professional Science Master's degree programs are founded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The New York-based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has helped launch new M.S. degrees in 45 institutions with strong graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics. All have been developed in concert with industry and are designed to dovetail into present and future professional career opportunities.

For more information please see PSM web site.

What is the goal of the ISAT Program?

The Masters in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) is a Professional Science Master's Degree, developed in part through funding by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It is an innovative, interdisciplinary program that emphasizes applications of chemistry, computer science, industrial technology, mathematics, and physics in a career enhancement degree. Students who complete the ISAT degree at Southeastern Louisiana University will be able to

  • Integrate information and concepts across different scientific and technical disciplines.

  • Apply specialized knowledge from chemistry, computer science, industrial technology, mathematics or physics to solve problems that are critical to future growth of local business and industry.

  • Work effectively with people who possess various educational and experiential backgrounds.

  • Use appropriate technology in communication, information and knowledge management, modeling, forecasting, and decision-making.

How long is the program?

Generalists take 33 hours of classes.

Specialists take 36 hours of classes.

In either case, students usually finish in two years.

 Will fellowships or assistantships be available?

There are ISAT graduate assistantships and assistantships with other divisions of the university. Click here for job listings and look under office administrative assistants to see some of the graduate assistant positions that are available.

 What are the minimum requirements for applicants to the ISAT program?

Applicants to the ISAT program must have completed an undergraduate degree program and have had at least 30 semester hours in any combination of chemistry, computer science, industrial technology, mathematics, or physics.  In addition, applicants to the ISAT program must have at least one of the following four items:

  1. a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0;
  2. solid evidence of significant research work experience;
  3. at least one year of professional work experience; or
  4. a combined Verbal and Quantitative Score on the Graduate Record Exam of at least 280.

What courses do I need?

The courses you take depend on your area of concentration and whether you are a generalist or a specialist.  Generalists take 33 hours of course work.  Specialists take 36 hours of course work.

What types of jobs are available to graduates of the ISAT?

  • Industrial Engineering Specialist

  • Quality Assurance Manager

  • Information Manager

  • Systems Analysts

  • Technical Representative

  • Associate Industrial Engineer

  • Laboratory Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Information Systems Consultant

  • Computer Programmer/ Database developer

  • General manager

  • Plant manager

 Is there a research component to this Program?

 Yes. Students are required to complete a thesis or research project that investigates a significant interdisciplinary, applications-oriented topic centered in the area of concentration.

For more information please see Thesis/Research PDF .

 Can I study part-time while I still keep my job?

 Yes, definitely. The program is designed for that. Most classes are offered at night.