Recent ISAT Theses

Taylor Vincent Nichols, "The Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Empowerment, Stress and Workplace Outcomes", 2022


Bjorn James Loney, "Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composite and Metallic Alloy Incorporation into Designing and Additively Manufacturing a Modular Multi-Mission Deep Space Launch Platform", 2022


Anthony Brit Calmes, "Transference of Tension Across Heat-Bonded LLDPE Film Layers", 2022


Heather S. Drago, "Hydrosilylation of Aldehydes and Ketones Catalyzed by Nano-Dispersed Palladium Catalysts", 2022


D. Landon Johnston, "Altitude Selection Framework for UAV Swarm Efficiency in Winds", 2022


Gabriela Theis Marchan, "Nano-Dispersed Metals in Organically Modified Silicate as Sustainable Catalysts for Cross-Dehydrogenative Couplings", 2022


Susana K. Ferrufino Amador, "Development of Ionic Liquids Based-Photocurable Resins", 2022


Silvia Robert, "Frequency Domain Approach for Improvement of Cochlear Implant Performance", 2022


Anup Ghimire, "A Multi-View Spatiotemporal Hierarchical Deep Learning Based Activity Recognition for Brain Computer Interfaces", 2021


Emily LaPrime, "Gaussian Beam Analysis for Acoustic Probing", 2021


Alexis Daniels, "Predicting Water Quality Parameters in Lake Pontchartrain Using Machine Learning", 2021


Md. Enamul Hoq, "An Investigation of Image Correlation for Real-Time of Wrapping Film Deformation", 2020


Allison Laughlin, "A Study of Training Efficiency Using CNN for Multi Cancer Classification and Analysis", 2019


Joshua Tyler Hughes, "Autonomous Robot Navigation for Path Planning in Unknown Environments Using Machine Learning", 2019


Jenny Price, "Multi-cancer Classification Analysis Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks and Gene Expression", 2019


Nibha Manandhar, "Transfer Learning for Small Scale Fine-Grained Visual Categorization of Fish Species", 2019


Sanghun Oh, "Evaluation of Residual Stress and Comparison of X-ray Diffractometry and the Acoustic Method", 2019


Jongsung,Kim, "Evaulation of Resonance Characteristics of Thin Film with Improved Opto Acoustic Method", 2018


Kari Oline Djuve, "Dialect Identification Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning", 2018