Fixed Net Tuition Plan

"By helping students get their degree in four years, promising a fixed tuition rate, and assuring class availability, this program brings about a sense of security for students who may be struggling with the decision to go to college. This program shows Southeastern's dedication to students and families!"

Seth Leto, Political Science Junior
Amite, La.


Fixed Four Year Net Tuition Plan

The fixed net tuition component of the plan is offered as a budgeting tool to help students and their families accurately prepare their educational budget by establishing a tuition rate for four years and eliminating uncertainty about future tuition increases. 


Application of Fixed Tuition

In the event of any tuition rate increases, students in the Southeastern Promise will become recipients of a scholarship that will credit the amount of the increase to the student on the student’s fee-bill thereby maintaining a fixed net tuition rate.The student is subject to a fee increase prior to eligibility verification in the first year. 


Fixed Tuition Rate and Term

Students who do not meet the conditions for continued participation will pay the current tuition and fee rates in effect at the time of ineligibility.  Ineligibility will be determined at the end of each academic year. For any course enrollment after the fixed tuition term expiration (the four year agreement), the student will be charged the current tuition and fee rates in effect at the time of enrollment (exceptions may apply).  To cancel participation in the Southeastern Promise, students must notify the Office of the Registrar at least 30 days before the start of the next semester.


Tuition Rate Coverage

The guaranteed fixed net tuition rate includes all mandatory tuition and fees, including non-resident fees, associated with enrollment with the exception of student self-assessed fees and other variable fees such as the energy surcharge.  It does not cover any other charges associated with attendance at the University such as, but not limited to: course specific fees such as lab fees, room and board, textbooks, fines, transcript fee, examination/testing fee, student identification card fee, parking permits, and other voluntary fees.

This plan covers only tuition charges as defined, from time to time, by the University and in no way limits the University's rights in respect of matters, including University charges, not covered hereby.  The benefits of this agreement are not assignable to any other student, nor may they be utilized for any term beginning four academic years from the first term of this plan. The student will make payments in accordance with the University payment policy.

If the enrollment of the student is canceled for any reason (including withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion), the amount of the refund shall be in accordance with the general refund policy of the University. The University reserves the right to offset any amounts refundable hereunder against any amounts owed by the student.