Smart Cards

What is a contactless smart card?
A contactless smart card contains a chip embedded with information that it allows the card to communicate with a reader. Unlike a card that requires physical contact between the card and reader, a contactless smart card only has to be near the reader to allow the secure data exchange between the card and the reader.

Why are we moving to contactless?
Contactless smart cards will give Southeastern the ability to improve security for its students, faculty, and staff.  In addition, the new card will provide greater flexibility and convenience to cardholders and it will give SLU a stronger foundation to build on for future card services and uses. 

Can I still swipe my contactless card at campus locations?
Yes, the card will work in all existing and new locations. The card will still have the magstripe as well and the new smart card technology.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my new contactless card?
Campus Card Operations manages the identification card for students, faculty, staff, and official campus visitors.

Can I punch a hole in my card?
Do not punch a hole in your University ID Card. Your new smart card contains an embedded circuit and antenna wiring which can be damaged with a hole punch or other misuse. We recommend the card be stored in a protective case or wallet.

Will I be able to use my smart phone?
Mobile phone technology exists that can allow a person’s phone to serve the function as their card.  However, this technology is still maturing and is not yet able to properly serve as a replacement or alternative for physical campus cards at Southeastern.  CCO will continue to evaluate the usage of mobile phone technology for performing card functions in the future.

What information will be on the new card?
Your name, WNumber, card issue date, and your official University affiliation (Faculty/Staff, Student, Campus Visitor, etc.) will be printed on the card. Effective January 1, 2019, all student ID cards will include a signature for voting purposes in the state of Louisiana.

Can the new card get wet?
Smart cards are highly water resistant. However, you should avoid exposing your card to extreme heat, cold, or moisture, such as washing machines and clothes dryers.