Appropriate and Inappropriate Questions for You to Ask

Appropriate Questions for You to Ask During the Interview

Refrain from asking questions until the interviewer asks if you have questions (usually done at the conclusion of the interview). However, if you do not understand a question you are asked during the interview, you may ask the interviewer to explain. DO ASK QUESTIONS to show interest and initiative!

  • What qualifications do you think are necessary to be successful in this job?

  • Can you describe the training period/program? How would I be supervised/my performance evaluated?

  • Could you describe a typical day? Week? The organizational culture?

  • What are the opportunities for advancement? (if you can't determine from research)

  • Does the organization encourage participation in professional organizations? Continuing education?

  • When can I expect to hear from you regarding your hiring decision?


Inappropriate Questions for You to Ask During the Interview

  • DO NOT initiate discussion of salary, vacation, or benefits during the first interview.

  • However, be prepared to voice a range you're looking for if they ask SIGI 3, O*Net, and OOH provide salary information on 100's of careers.

  • DO NOT push for an early decision by mentioning the other opportunities you have awaiting you.

  • DO NOT ask for feedback on your interview performance.