Get Organized

Conducting an effective job search requires careful planning, follow-through, perseverance, and a positive attitude. Trying to find a job without a plan can lead to frustration and disappointment, since some job searches can take up to 6 months. For an effective job search, develop an organized system and a schedule to follow. Make a list of the job search tasks you will perform each day and follow through. You should consider the job search process a job itself! It is important to develop a system to keep organized and focused. The following tips will assist you in establishing a system:

  • Schedule a block of time each day to devote to your job search and identify what you want to accomplish that day.

  • Create a "To Do" list of applications, emailing, calling, or attending career events, and check your progress at the end of each week.

  • Keep accurate records of your employer contact information, method of contact, and follow-up activities. Click here to download and use the Career Services' Job Search Tracker to assist you with organizing this information.

  • Make copies of all emails and documents sent to employers and maintain a file for each employer to organize your search. Include in this file copies of:

    1. Resume sent

    2. Cover letter sent

    3. Job posting or advertisement and/or detailed job description if available

    4. Career Services' Job Search Tracker

    5. Any notes gathered in conducting research on position and employer