Financial Responsibility Statement

In order to increase awareness of student obligations contained in the general catalog, Southeastern Louisiana University (“Southeastern”) will require that students acknowledge the Financial Responsibility Statement. Before registering for classes at Southeastern, all students will be required to acknowledge the University's Financial Responsibility Statement. This statement confirms that by registering for classes at Southeastern, the student becomes a party to a contract with Southeastern and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth by the general catalog.


Acknowledgement of this statement can be accomplished in several manners. (1) A student may accept this agreement by logging on to their LEO Net account and navigating to the Financial Agreement page under SA Self Service, Student Services, Finances, Financial Agreement. (2) If a student has not accepted this statement before registering classes through their LEO Net account, the Financial Agreement page will automatically appear and must be accepted before registering classes. (3) The Financial Responsibility Statement may also be acknowledged by visiting the Controller's Office to obtain and sign the statement which will be kept on record in that office. Any questions regarding the Financial Responsibility Statement should be directed to the Controller's Office.

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