Telephone Services / Data Support Fees

Are faculty/staff in your office moving or do you need a new phone line or a data line dropped?  Here's what you need to know to make this happen.  If the University is requiring you to move there is no charge.  If you are moving for any other reason, fees will apply. 


Anyone wishing to add a new phone line, or move a phone line on campus must first submit a Space Management form for approval.  There is a place on the form for you to indicate what you want done with the telephones. This online form can be downloaded from:

If the telephone line is for a new faculty member go to:

After you have received approval from Facility Planning, you will receive an email from Telephone Services with specific details of how to pay for the services requested.  The email will generally contain the following information:


Complete a Purchase Request:  Purchase requests for all fees for new installations, upgrades, downgrades, data lines, voice mail, and telephone line moves must be submitted on our Telephone Services/Data Support Center Purchase Request located at:  The expenditure code for the PR is shown with the fee information below. Send the original Purchase Request along with the original Budget Adjustment, explained below, to McClimans 109 or SLU 10430.


Complete a paper Budget Adjustment:  Move funds from a non-telephone expenditure code into the expenditure code you put on the Purchase Request as indicated below.  Donna Methvien must review all transfers into or out of a telephone expenditure code so the original Budget Adjustment must be sent to her, along with the Purchase Request, for her approval.  Remember that no Academic Enhancement funds can be used to pay for telephone expenses.  Only operating, revenue or grant budgets (if approved by Sponsored Research) can pay for telephone expenses. Send the original Budget Adjustment along with the original Purchase Request explained below to McClimans 109 or SLU 10430.


If you are adding a new phone line, you will also need to put money in your budget to cover the monthly service charge for the type of line you chose for the remainder of that fiscal year.  If you are upgrading a phone line you will also need put money in your budget to cover the difference between the types of lines for the remainder of that fiscal year. The monthly service charges, differences for upgrades, and their related expenditure codes are listed below.


Once a Purchase Request and Budget Adjustment have been received (and the Budget Adjustment goes through) a service request will be entered for Telephone Services to perform the work requested.


Fees for work performed by the Telephone Services / Data Support Center


Installation of a new Digital or Analog telephone line - $170 - 537720


Upgrade from an Analog to Digital telephone line - $170 - 537720


Downgrade from a Digital to Analog telephone line - $170 - 537720


Activate a phone line if the wiring is already there - $170 - 537720


Moving a phone line from one location to another - $45 - 537720


Changing caller ID - $20 - 537720


Installation of voice mail - $10 - 537740


Purchase of an Analog phone from Telephone Services - $35 - 571320


Installation of a new data line - $60.00 - 537720




Analog line for Operating Budget - $12.88 per month - 537711


Digital line for Operating Budget - $20.60 per month - 537711


Difference in monthly charges when you upgrade - $7.72 per month - 537711


Analog line for Revenue/Grant Budget - $15.71 per month - 537711


Digital line for Revenue/Grant Budget - $23.43 per month - 537711


Voice Mail - $5.00 per month - 537740