Job Description Instructions

To be in compliance with federal regulations, the Work Study Office needs to obtain job description(s) for your student workers. A written job description helps ensure that the position is one that qualifies for the work study program. In addition, a written job description provides students with the information they need to determine whether the job is related to their educational or career objectives. Job descriptions are needed for all student worker positions that you supervise.  If you have multiple job openings with the same job description only one form will need to be submitted; however, if different rates of pay are used for the same position, a job description will be needed for each rate of pay.

Each job description must include the following information:

  • name of the position;
  • classification of position (e.g., reading tutor 1, reading tutor 2, office worker, library technician, library assistant);
  • name and address of employer;
  • department or office student will be employed;
  • location where student will perform his/her duties;
  • name of the student’s supervisor;
  • purpose / role of the position;
  • duties and responsibilities associated with the position and how they relate to the purpose/role;
  • rates of pay for the position;
  • general qualifications for the position and the specific qualifications for the various levels/rates of pay associated with the position;
  • length of the student’s employment (beginning and ending dates); e.g. January-December.
  • procedure for determining a student’s rate of pay when a position has multiple rates; and
  • evaluation procedures.


Download Job Description Form