Academic Standards for Housing - Appeal for Exception

Any student who does not meet the academic standards for housing has the right to appeal to the Housing Academic Standards Appeals Committee. However, to be considered for an exception to these standards, the student must provide convincing evidence of potential to meet the academic standards in the future and to make satisfactory progress toward the degree. The appeal should also convey a commitment to an academic focus as well as identify the circumstances that may have prevented them from meeting the specified requirements.

Academic appeals for University Housing must be submitted to the Housing Office on or before the Wednesday after finals. Appeals received after this date will not be considered for the upcoming semester.

The Academic Standards for Housing are as follows:

Initial and Continuing Eligibility:

To be eligible for University housing, a student must be enrolled full-time and have either a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or a 2.0 semester GPA on 12 or more hours during the most recently completed fall or spring semester. Beginning freshmen are eligible for housing when they are admitted, but must meet the GPA requirement at the end of the first semester in order to maintain eligibility.

Regaining Eligibility:

Students who do not meet housing eligibility requirements may become eligible by raising their cumulative GPA to 2.0 or by earning a 2.0 semester GPA on 12 or more hours during the prior regular fall or spring semester.

Student Instructions for Filing an appeal for an Exception to the Housing Academic Standards:

  • Complete all sections of the appeal form as instructed. The Housing Academic Standards Appeals Committee will not consider incomplete appeal applications.
  • Attach appropriate documentation to substantiate all extenuating circumstances identified in the appeal.
  • If the appeal is approved by the Appeals Committee, the Housing assignment will be made using the date that the completed appeal is received by University Housing, not the date of the application to reside on campus. Therefore, it is important to submit the online appeal and appropriate documentation as early as possible.