Scholarships for Beginning Freshmen and Transfer Students

Southeastern offers several scholarship opportunities for students through Southeastern's Scholarships Services Office as well as several of Southeastern's academic departments. You can also find additional information about scholarships in Southeastern's General Catalog.

The Southeastern Honor Scholarship and the Senator Ben Nevers Transfer Scholarship are available to international students who qualify. Your application for admission to Southeastern serves as the application for these two scholarships so there is no need to submit an application for them separately.

More information regarding these scholarships, and others, can be found on the Office of Financial Aid web page. Information regarding eligibility on this site is given for those who have taken the ACT exam. If you have taken the SAT, those scores will be converted to reflect their ACT equivalent using the verbal and math scores for the composite. For more information on how to convert SAT scores, please see the ACT-SAT Concordance.

 ****Eligibility requirements for scholarships and award amounts are subject to change. Please continue to check the Scholarship page for up to date information.****


Non-Resident Fee Waivers

Southeastern Louisiana University offers non-resident fee waivers for international students who are beginning freshman or transferring to Southeastern.The application for admission to Southeastern serves as the application for the waiver.

Out of state tuition fees range from $1,412 for students registered for four credit hours to $6238 for full-time students taking twelve or more hours. These fees are paid in addition to the university's regular tuition. The following fee waivers are being offered to students who meet these criteria:

First-Time Freshmen (less than 18 credits of college level work completed in the U.S.):

1. Minimum TOEFL score of 525 paper, 195 computer, or 75 ibt. (Minimum IELTS of 6.0 or Duolingo 100), and

2. Have completed a recognized secondary program comparable to U.S. high
school graduation with accumulative high school GPA of 2.25 or higher, and

3. Have no need for developmental course work 

Transfer Students (have completed 18 or more credits of course work in the U.S.):

1. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 on college level work, and

2. Have no need for developmental course work, and

3. Be eligible to return to their previous institution, and

4. A minimum TOEFL score of 525 paper, 195 computer, or 75 ibt.

Students who receive the scholarship will remain eligible for renewal as long as they maintain status as a full-time student, remain in “GOOD” academic standing, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.To drop below full-time status, to stay out of school for a fall or spring semester, or to be placed on academic probation or suspension will forfeit the waiver. A student may reapply after the completion of one regular semester of full-time enrollment in “GOOD” academic standing.

Note: The following categories of students are not eligible for the fee waiver:  Graduate students, other students who have already earned a Bachelor degree, and currently enrolled non-resident students who enrolled prior to the effective date of this scholarship (Spring 2002).


Graduate Assistantships

Southeastern's Office of Research and Graduate Studies offers an excellent assistantship program for graduate students.Graduate assistants receive a stipend and, in most positions, a waiver of in-state and out-of-state tuition. For more information on eligibility requirements, how to apply for an assistantship, and available assistantship positions, please click here and scroll down to the last selection, "Graduate Assistantships: Earn while you learn."