For Faculty and Staff

Below are ways that faculty and staff can request information from Institutional Research. If you need a copy of one or more semesters of SOT Reports or Grade Analysis, please complete the SOT and Grade Analysis Request Form. Once you submit the form, it will automatically be sent to the office and we will notify you when your request is ready. If you need other information and can not locate it on our website, please complete the Data Request Form, print it, obtain the appropriate signatures, and send it to Institutional Research.

SOT and Grade Analysis Request Form
         *Note - Beginning with Fall 2017, SOT reports were sent via email. If you cannot find them, they were                                  distributed under the name SOT Administrator and the address was A search with                                those parameters should find the reports for you.

Data Request Form (print version)
Data Request Form (online version)
Factors Possibly Affecting the Results of the Student Opinion of Teaching