Lion Intervention Network


Southeastern is committed to our students’ academic success and to providing the necessary resources to enhance the potential for success. The Lion Intervention Network (LINK) can connect students with any extra help they might need along their educational paths to success. 

EMERGENCIES: LINK is not designed as a mental health crisis intervention tool. If this is a critical or urgent situation dealing with a student's safety, please call Southeastern University Police IMMEDIATELY (available 24 hours) at 985-549-2222 

Please note: Reports made after 5pm will be addressed the next business day.  Office hours are M-Th 7:30am - 5pm and Friday 7:30am - 12:30pm.



What is LINK?


The Lion Intervention Network was developed to identify students who are facing academic challenges and/or personal hardships (i.e. financial, homelessness/displacement, loss of loved one, car accidents, non-life threatening behaviors, etc.)  that are hindering their academics.






With your help, students can receive assistance with resources such as academic advising, personal counseling services, workshops, and campus involvement.





What happens when a LINK report is submitted? 

For Academic Concerns

An OSAA staff member will make attempts to contact the student and recommend resources appropriate for the situation. For first and second semester freshman students, an OSAA staff member will also reach out to the Center for Student Excellence to connect with their advisor.

For Personal or Social Concerns

An OSAA staff member will make attempts to contact the student to assess the nature of the concern and connect the student to appropriate resources including Counseling, Student Accessibility Services, Tutoring, various offices on campus and/or community resources. Some referrals involve more than one resource and the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability will work collaboratively to address complex concerns with colleagues across campus.

For Tuition or Fee Concerns

An OSAA staff member will forward the report to the Office of Financial Aid for review.

If you have concerns regarding monetary issues, you can seek assistance through the Student Assistance Fund application or by contacting the Office of Financial Aid for additional support.