About the University Police Department

The mission of the Southeastern Louisiana Police Department is to foster an inclusive learning environment through community collaboration, problem solving, transparency, and addressing the public safety needs of our community, while serving and protecting Louisiana’s future.




At Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department, we endeavor to preserve and protect the public trust placed in us by adhering to the highest standards of honesty, moral, and ethical practice. We will be beyond reproach in all that we do.



Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department serves a diverse community and each person in our community deserves a level of respect that we would want extended to us as an agency and as individuals. Having respect for every person we serve will help build relationships that improve the community as a whole and will ensure that the rights of every individual are respected.



Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department will work to create partnerships with the University community. Partnerships allow the community a voice in the policing process and promote a mutual understanding of quality of life issues.


Our mission statement is taken from a great man of vision and reflects how each member of our department and community can make us a leader in community policing.

"If we cannot do great things, we can do small things in great ways." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.