About Student Government

Purpose of the Student Government Association

The members of the Student Government Association are dedicated to: staying aware of the general welfare of the student body; serving as a channel of communication between the student body, faculty and administration; establishing and executing programs and projects beneficial to the student body, and promoting and improving relations between the local community and the student body.


 SGA Executive Officers

Every spring semester the student body elects three Executive Officers. Each Executive Officer is over a branch of the Student Government Association (SGA). The President oversees the Executive Branch, the Vice President oversees the Legislative Branch, and the Chief Justice oversees the Judicial Branch. The 2022-2023 SGA Executive Officers are:


President - Baileigh Picou

Baileigh PicouBaileigh's Bio:

Baileigh and Bruno Picou are juniors majoring in General Studies with a major focus in Education and a minor focus in Marketing from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Baileigh is a member of Campus Outreach and Delight.  She was the 2nd runner up in the 2022 Miss Southeastern Scholarship Competition.  She has served in SGA as the Director of Governmental Affairs and the Chief of Staff.  Through her roles in SGA, she has served on and run the Homecoming Committee, served on the Student Assessed Fee Budget Committee, the Student Technology Fee Committee, and the Big Event Committee

Baileigh is also a Tier 3 Engagement Ambassador in the Office for Student Engagement where she gets to plan a lot of fun events!  Bruno joins Baileigh in all that she does as her service dog!

Baileigh's Platform:

As Student Government Association President, my goals are to support all students, regardless of their health status, make Southeastern a more equitable campus, get more students involved in SGA, work with other organizations on campus to effectively meet students' needs, develop and implement new inititatives that not only help students but students can see them being done, and work to not only gain more resources for the campus, but also find ways to use them as effectively as we can! 

Vice President - Joshua Freeman

Joshua Freeman

Joshuah's Bio:

Joshua Freeman is a senior Sport Management major from Terrytown, Louisiana.  Before being elected as SGA Vice President, Joshua served as a SGA Senator for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.  He was Vice-President/co-founder of the Kinesiology Student Association, Point Secretary for the Gamma Beta Phi National Honors and Service Society, and an Honors Ambassador. 

He is also an active member of the Honors Student Association and was previously a member of the inaugural Leadership and Citizenship Living Learning Community and served as a 2020-2021 LLC mentor.  In addition, Joshua works as a student workers for the Southeastern Athletics Ticket Office.

 Joshua's Platform:

My platform revolves around what the student body wants.  I am not going to list a long laundry list of things that I plan to do.  Instead, I am going to target actual areas that the student body feels needs to be addressed.  Don't get me wrong, I do have a bunch of ideas about what I want to accomplish, such as boosting student extracurricular involvement and campus beautification, but I want to act as a true elected official.  This means listening to the thoughts and concerns of each student and working to the best of my ability to get the job done.  Because sometimes in order to make change, you need to BE THE CHANGE!

Chief Justice - Michala Torres

Kelsey Staes

Michala's Bio:

Michala Torres, a native of Thibodaux, Louisiana, is a sophomore Strategic Communications major at Southeastern Louisiana University.  Before being elected as Student Government Association Chief Justice, Michala previously served as the Director of Programming and Special Events under the Executive Branch.  She also served as co-chair for Homecoming and served on the Capital Outlay Committee.

Michala was also the Director of Activities for the Campus Activities Board and has worked in the Office for Student Engagement as a Tier 2 Engagement Ambassador.


Michala's Platform:

I am your Student Government Association Chief Justice, with a mission to Revive the PRIDE!  This means that I will be PRESENT physically and mentally for the student body by listening to their perspectives.  I will be RELIABLE and show consistency in performing the duties that I am given.  I will be INCLUSIVE and transparent to ensure that my peers feel like they ahve a voice that is heard and represented.  I will stay DEVOTED to making a difference on campus and persistently push for more.  Finally, I will remain EARNEST in my service, which I know is the backbone of this position.


 SGA Advisory Team

With the assistance of the Student Government Association Graduate Assistant, the Coordinator for Student Government Association provides guidance to the officers and members of SGA to aid them in their growth as student servant-leaders.


Coordinator for Student Government Association - Brendan Daigle 

Brendan Daigle

Brendan Daigle is an alumna of Southeastern Louisiana University.  She received her undergraduate degree in 2002 and Alternative Certification in Art Education in 2018.  She has over a decade of experience working in the Division for Student Affairs at Southeastern, having previously served as the Coordinator for Multicultural & International Student Affairs and currently as the Coordinator for Student Government Association.  Additionally, she has four years teaching experience working with students of all ages.




Student Government Association Graduate Assistant - Taylor Wisinger

TaylorTaylor Wisinger received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Southeastern in 2021.  She is currently enrolled in Southeastern's Master of Science in Sociology program.  She is a member of Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society and Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society.





Student Government Association Resources and Programs

Office Services

In the Office for Student Engagement, Student Union Room 2307, SGA offers free Scantrons, BlueBooks, Pens, Pencils, and fax use. 


Every year the SGA Senate allocates money to fund scholarships for students enrolled in the Study Abroad Program. Along with the Study Abroad Scholarships, SGA also offers an endowed scholarship in every academic college.

Travel Grants

Students can apply for grants each year to help assist in funding for educational conferences and conventions.

Departmental Grants

Departments can apply for grants each academic year to assist in funding for educational projects, programs, or events that will enhance the image of the university or benefit the student body.

Organizational Grants

The Student Government Association awards Organizational Grants to provide opportunities for Southeastern recognized student organizations and Fraternity and Sorority Life Organizations to host educational events on campus.  Organizational Grants may be awarded up to $500.

*Any questions regarding any of the grants can be addressed on our grant page, check it out here!

Capital Outlay

The Student Government Association provides funds for campus beautification and renovation projects to better our campus community. If you have an idea for a project to improve Southeastern's campus, please let us know by emailing sgasenate@southeastern.edu.

Campus Programs and Events

The Student Government Association sponsors programs and events such as Homecoming, The Big Event, voter registration events, speakers, athletic partnerships, and many other campus events.