Student Government Association


The Student Government Association is here to serve the students of Southeastern Louisiana University through communication between students, administration, and the community. SGA hosts educational and social events, and offers numerous services that contribute to the advancement of the University and its students.  

                 Baileigh Picou, SGA President                            Matt Matthews                                      Bailey milburn, SGA Chief Justice  
                   2023 - 2024 SGA President              2023 - 2024 SGA Vice President                2023 - 2024 SGA Chief Justice
                           Lacey Johnson                                            Matt Matthews                                              Bailey Milburn 
              Executive Branch                 Legislative Branch                 Judicial Branch
2023-2024 SGA Branch Member Applications:
Join SGA
Why Join SGA?
  • Have a voice in your college experience - Students will be the voices of their peers and advocate for changes, transparency, and improvements.
  • Enhance your leadership skills - SGA members will act as communication liaisons between students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Gain teamwork experience - Students will facilitate Meetings and provide resources for the entire student body with student assessed fees.
  • Give back to the community - SGA provides community services through Homecoming Week and one of the largest SGA events on campus, The Big Event.  SGA provides free scantrons, bluebooks, pens, and pencils in the Office for Student Engagement.
  • Work with a diverse group of students - SGA is composed of students from each college, every classification, and from all over the US and the world.
  • Learn about campus finances - SGA is responsible for Departmental, Organizational, Travel, and Capital Outlay grants.  We encourage students to get involved to learn more about what projects are happening around campus with their student assessed fees.