Faculty Policies

The Textbook Rental System is committed to ensuring the faculty that every student has the basic textbook for each course and providing textbooks to students at the most economical rate.


Maximum Number of Rental Components Per Course

  • The number of rental components per academic course should not exceed two (2)
  • Adoptions must be made by the course (not sections)
  • Adoptions should be agreed upon within the department and approved by the department head
  • One of the two adopted materials may be a digital access code or eBook


Length of Time a Textbook Must Remain Adopted

  • Rental textbooks must be used as a required material each semester the course is taught
  • Textbooks must be used two (2) years or three (3) semesters, whichever is the greater time period


Types of Textbooks Not Eligible for Adoption

  • Textbooks designed for a single semester use (ex. workbooks, course packs)
  • Textbooks that become outdated within a year (ex. tax manuals)
  • Textbooks for course with changing topic of study (ex. special topic seminars)
  • Spiral bound textbooks
  • Paper textbooks costing less than $60 retail 


Adoption Policies

  • Each semester the academic department should advise Textbook Rental of the textbooks that should be available for the courses offered by the department
  • Textbooks in rental inventory must be used if the course is being taught
  • Once the rental textbook is adopted, retail textbook adoptions should not be mandated
  • In order to allow students to maximize their investment, faculty are required to use the adopted textbook for coursework


Adoption Procedures

  • Faculty may fill out and print the Textbook Rental Adoption/Discard Form online
  • Faculty must submit adoption form/information to the department head for approval
  • Department head will submit approved adoption form/information to Textbook Rental
  • Ineligible adoptions are returned to the department head with justification by Textbook Rental
  • Department head is responsible for informing faculty of ineligible adoptions


Adoption Deadlines

Traditionally, the course material adoptions are due by the dates below.  These may change slightly based on the academic planning process of the University.  The exact date will be communicated to the University prior to each adoption season. 

  • Adoptions for the Spring semester are due by October 15th
  • Adoptions for the Summer semester are due by March 15th
  • Adoptions for the Fall semester are due by April 15th


Desk Copy Policies

  • Academic department shall be responsible for securing all faculty desk copies of textbooks from the publisher.
  • Textbook Rental may loan desk copies to the department if Textbook Rental determines additional copies are available.
  • Loaned desk copies must be returned to Textbook Rental before the end of the fourth (4th) week of class or the department will be charged appropriate late fees.